UKSA Core Meeting 9

Date: Thursday, 17th December 2020, 6pm GMT

Participants: 24 Strategy representatives + observers, representing 18 seats Unrepresented seats today were Operations (1), ISN (1)

  • Strategy People’s Assembly Yesterday (30-40 mins) based on Strategy Glossary - 10 min presentation - Mags
  • Relationship between vision, overarching strategy, local groups, mandate implications, potential future of Strategy Assembly - Paolo
  • Principles for a good strategy (Visionary, Measurable, Dynamic, Unifying, Inclusive, Regenerative, Reflective)
Intro to 2020 strategy

The assembly went into break out groups to review the 2020 Strategy documents.

The groups considered the following questions and then went into free discussion.

  • What do you think is good about it?
  • How many of these goals have been achieved?
  • What needs re-writing for 2021? How?
  • What is no longer relevant?
  • What’s missing?

The Harvest Doc for these conversations can be found here