Where We Are So Far

Date of last Update: January 19th 2021

Coming Up

The assembly has elected it's Strategy Development Team, who will now start meeting separately. The Assembly as a whole will now start hearing inputs from advisers and proposals from the SDT as they are written.

A full roadmap for the final stages of the Strategy Process can be found here.

Week 9

18. Thursday 28th January
17. Tuesday 26th January

Week 8

16.5 Saturday 23rd January

[[Attendance: not recorded for the optional Saturday Sessions]]
Assembly attended a workshop held by Marvina from Black Lives Matter on “To Be a Black Ally in XR…” A follow up debrief will be help soon for the assembly members to reflect on their "homework" and continue some of the discussions strated in this Saturday session.

16. Thursday 21st January

[[Present: 25 members representing 18 seats]]
[[Absent: 2 Operations Seats]]
Assembly recieved SDT update on the 4 Pillars of strategy and were asked for a 1 week extendion on deliverying a first draft. This was accepted. Second half of the session was a presentation from Kofi Klu on Glocalisation followed by a Q&A session.

15. Tuesday 19th January

[[Present: 22 members representing 17 seats.]]
[[Absent: 1 Operations Seat and 1 HIVE Seat]]
Assembly heard from the SDT as well as the Support Network about progress and how to invite in speakers. In the second half of the session the Assembly heard from Luis Ramirez, who gave presentations on momentum driven oraginising, theories of change, and distributed organising.

Week 7

14. Thursday 14th January

[[Present: 24 members representing 17 seats]]
[[Absent: 2 Operations seats and ISN]]
Assembly heard proposal for a Strategy Format Team to focus on how to communicate the strategy once finished. The Strategy Development Team, after meeting twice this week, reported that they wanted to follow a framework similar to Dee's approach, which they will hopefully have to bring next week.

13. Tuesday 12th January

[[Present: 25 members representing 19 seats]]
[[Absent: 1 Operations sseat]]
Assembly revisited the Criteria they have been working on using the convergent facilitation process. The aim was to address each of the "allergies" raised on each point and the assembly started this work but decided to pause the process as it was taking too long. The facilitators then stepped back to allow the assembly to self facilitate and discuss where they wish to go next.

The Strategy Development Team has been chosen by the Assembly.

It's members are:
Alfie - Marginalied & Oppressed Voicces (Justice/Oppression)
Anneka - Operations (Actions)
Bex - UK Support (Regenerative Cultures)
Clare - Opersations (M&M)
Hamish - Marginalied & Oppressed Voicces (Working Class/Unions)
Hester - Marginalied & Oppressed Voicces (Justice/Oppression)
Rob G - The Hive (Midlands)

Week 6

12. Thursday 7th January

[[Present: 29 members representing 19 seats]]
[[Absent: ISN]] Assembly hear brief presentations from each of the nominees for the SDT. Voting will take place between sessions. Assembly started to hear inputs, starting with a presentation on how strategy depends on a cycle of action and observation and then looking at an analytical approach to developing strategy.

11. Tuesday 5th January

[[Present: 27 members covering 18 seats]]
[[Absent: 2 Ops seats]]
Assembly took a look at the consolidated list of needs. Thes can be found in this document. Assembly members were asked to identify any controversial things on the list or highlight any aspect of their input which may have gotten lost in the consolidation process.

Holiday Break 23rd Dec - 4th Jan

Week 5

10. Tuesday 22nd December

[[Present: 21 members representing 16 seats]]
[[Absent: ISN, 2 seats from Operations & 1 MOV seat]]

Week 4

9. Thursday 17th December

[[Present: 24 members representing 18 seats.]]
[[Absent: ISN and 1 seat from operations.]]
Assembly reflected on some of the feedback from the open Communities People's Assembly the night before and then went into break out rooms to review and reflect on the 2020 Strategy paper.

8. Tuesday 15th December

[[Present: 25 members representing 17 seats.]]
[[Absent: ISN and 2 seats from operations.]]
Assembly continued work on the needs gathering process. Paul and a few others are working on grouping the needs and flagging duplicates while being careful not to lose any information. The assemmbly will return to these in the new year to process and "allergies" and come together on a final set of needs.

Week 3

7. Thursday 10th December

[[Present: 26 Members representing 18 seats.]]
[[Absent: 2 seats from Operations.]]
The Assembly started with an open space for discussion in break out rooms, and moved into a presentation on Consent Based Decision Making. The Assembly has formed a working group to bring together the quora options presented here into a proposal to bring next week.

6. Tuesday 8th December

[[Present: 24 Members representing 18 seats.]]
[[Absent: ISN and 1 Operations seat.]]
The assembly reflected once again on the current landscape and big picture diving deeper into the patterns and their experiences of them. The second half of the session focussed on begining to identify the Needs of the strategy. This marks the start of the Convergent Facilitation Process. The start of the needs gathering can be found here.

Week 2

5. Saturday 5th December

[[Present: 20 Members representing 16 seats.]]
[[Absent: 1 MOV, 1 Hive, XRYouth, and 1 Operations seat.]]
The assembly held an indepth discussion on decision making agreements, proposals, and quora. The goal was to write a decision-making process into the working agreements which is as inclusive of as many voices as possible. The actual decision on the various options within the confergent facilitation process has been delayed until after the group has had some direct experience of it on Tuesday. Suggestions for ammendments can be found here.

4. Thursday 3rd December

[[Present: 25 Members representing 19 seats.]]
[[Absent: ISN.]]
The assembly met to resolve the outstanding working group agreements from Tuesdays meeting. Due to a lask of continuity in facillitation this was a challenging meeting. Time was given for active listening where representatives expressed a need for freer discussions and less of a "manicured" approach to facilitation.

3. Tuesday 1st December

[[Present: 26 assembly members representing 19 seats.]]
[[Absent: 1 Operations seat.]]
The suggested group agreements were accepted in todays meeting apart from section 3 on Quora and Decision making. This will be discussed further in an additional session this Thursday. The group also build up a mosaic of perspectives on where the movement is at the moment. this can be seen Here.

Week 1

2. Saturday 28th November

[[Present: 25 Assembly members representing 17 seats.]]
[[Absent: XRYouth, MOV Rep, and 1 Operations seat.]]
The second core meeting again looked closely at building relationships within the assembly as well as introducing a selection of suggested group agreements. This will be read by the members over the weekend and brought through the integrative decision making process in the next meeting. Proposal can be seen Here.

1. Tuesday 24th November

[[Present: 31 Assembly Members representing 19 seats.]]
[[Absent: 1 Operations seat.]]
The UK Strategy Assembly has met officially for the first time, introductions made and outline of the first week given to the representatives. The first week will be around trainings in our Self Organising System, understanding the processes used, and a workshop on Oppression, Movement Building and our relationships as activists. There is also a Listening space for those involved to offer support in these early stages.