XR DNA, Our Vision & Theories of Change

The DNA of XR is what makes us who we are as a movement and our vision is what we are looking towards achieving, that thing that brings us joy and inspires us.

What is XR?

"Extinction Rebellion is a mass movement that uses nonviolent civil disobedience to demand action by Government on mass extinction and to minimise the risk of social collapse through climate breakdown."

What XR is What XR is not
A mass popular movement engaging in Civil Disobedience An alternative institution
An influence on hearts & minds A campaign targetting people's habits
A force to transform the government A campaign using petitions or online activism
Our Mission
  1. We tell the truth about the climate and ecological emergency and its causes in a way that involves and engages every person.

  2. We participate in a decentralised mass movement of civil disobedience and nonviolent direct action in the UK, which helps catalyse worldwide rebellion.

  3. We disrupt and pressure exploitative and ecocidal institutions in the UK to stop causing harm to people, nature, and the planet.

  4. We push for a transformation of the UK’s political institutions, enlisting them to serve people’s interests and reshape the global economic system.

  5. We commit wholeheartedly to justice and repairing our social fabric, and we embrace the inner and outer work needed to create and sustain regenerative futures.

  6. We listen to and act in solidarity with marginalised voices, and we connect with and support communities of resistance to transform society.

Our Vision

“We hear history calling to us from the future. We catch glimpses of a new world of love, respect and regeneration, where we have restored the intricate web of all life.

It’s a future that’s inside us all – located in the fierce love we carry for our children, in our urge to help a stranger in distress, in our wish to forgive, even when that seems too much to ask. And so we rebel for this, calling in joy, creativity and beauty.

We rise in the name of truth and withdraw our consent for ecocide, oppression and patriarchy. We rise up for a world where power is shared for regeneration, repair and reconciliation.

We rise for love in its ultimate wisdom. Our vision stretches beyond our own lifespan, to a horizon dedicated to future generations and the restoration of our planet’s integrity.”

This vision statement was written in 2019 by the XR UK Guardianship and Visioning Circle.

Everyone in XR can and will have their own visions; there is no definitive vision statement for XR, nor do we desire one. What unites all the statements, though, is the belief that the change we want to see is possible. This is key to our progress going forward.

Theories of Change

Strategies tell us what to focus on to reach our goals. Theories of Change (ToC) tell us why we think this will work.

There is no "single Theory of Change" within XR but rather many overlapping theories. We need multiple ToCs that can inform each other in order to create a coherent overall strategy. We need to try multiple avenues due to the complexity of the issue and we need to invluence many levels which each require different approaches.

Below are some examples of Theories of Change: ToCs.png