Building Local Groups

Resources on starting up new Local Groups, organising in Local Groups and growing your groups.

What is a Local Group?

We organise in small, autonomous groups distributed around the world. These groups are connected in a complex web that is constantly evolving as we grow and learn. We are working to build a movement that is participatory, decentralised, and inclusive.

A Local Group (LG) is a group of people that gather to create an Extinction Rebellion community presence in a local area by building support and taking action towards XR’s three demands. In this way, they are similar to traditional forms of community organising. A crucial difference is that XR local groups decentralise into different Working Groups as much as possible.

We collectively create the structures we need to challenge power. Anyone who follows our core Principles and Values can take action in the name of Extinction Rebellion.

For everything you need to know to run or start a local group, see our Local Group Essentials Guide.

This page was updated by the Local Group Development circle. Please contact if you have any questions or think something needs to be added.

Starting a New Local Group

Anyone can take action in the name of Extinction Rebellion as long as they adhere to our Principles and Values. That means you can take action, and start new groups, without anyone’s permission!

For everything you need to know to run or start a local group, see our Local Group Essentials Guide.

This page was updated by the Local Group Development circle. Please contact if you have any questions or think something needs to be added.

Developing your local group

For everything you need to know to run or start a local group, see our Local Group Essentials Guide.

To contact your regional or national co-ordinator, go to the Organism web site, click on your region or nation, and click the Contact link.

Alternatively, the email addresses are on the Contact page on the main XR UK web site.

Certain groups can apply for an XR email address. See the page How to apply for a email address.

This page was updated by the Local Group Development circle. Please contact if you have any questions or think something needs to be added.

How to find your people

First you’ll want to gather those that are sympathetic or interested in the Rebellion in your area

Check to see if there is already a group in your area by looking at this UK MAP OF LOCAL GROUPS. There may already be an email or social media account. Try to contact the existing rebels. If you have trouble doing this, next try the nation/region contacts listed on the map with the bigger XR logos.

Building stronger social ties with our neighbours and local communities is in and of itself a transformative process. It enables us to create new and long-lasting connections with people who live in our community, to collectively create a support network of caring and compassionate neighbours, who look after each other, and to develop a sense of belonging, which can overcome the social isolation that runs through much of modern society.

Making connections with others can also create a foundation from which we can work together to push for systemic change and to create a society that considers the needs of everyone. The way we organise and relate to our communities in this time of crisis could help to shift us towards a genuinely democratic society full of autonomous, empowered, resilient and supportive neighbourhoods and communities.

1. Create your Online Spaces

2. Bring People Together

Heading for Extinction Talk

The talk introducing the reality of the climate & ecological crisis, and the rationale and ethos behind the Extinction Rebellion movement. This is the XR talk and is recommended for everyone.

The Heading for Extinction talk aims to inform your local group members about the rationale behind XR, so that we are all on the same page. It is also a great tool to reach out to like-minded people in your community, those who may potenially join your group or be supportive from within their own community.

How to Host the Talk

NVDA Training

An essential training for all rebels. This training introduces Extinction Rebellion’s tactics of non-violent direct action and civil disobedience, with discussion of the rationale, legality and logistics of our actions. This training also includes practical lessons in de-escalation, talking to the police, and arrest advice.

The training is made of seminar style information with practical exercises and chances to ask lots of questions. Please note, this training is recommended regardless of whether you plan to be arrested, and is distinct from NVDA training given in other organisations and movements. This training is regularly updated and we recommend rebels attend more than one.

Regen 101 Workshop

Is a workshop designed by Australian Rebels which introduces people to the fundamentals of XR through a regenerative lens. It focuses on Self-Care, Intersectionality, Burnout Resilience and Action Care, and as a mobilisation tool it has been successfully used as a softer alternative to the NVDA training.

3. Promote your Event

Now you need to invite people to your events! There are many ways of letting people know that things are happening, check out some of the suggestions below.

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2022 Simple flyer

An A5 sized flyer designed to print at home (as long as you have cheapish black ink and a printer that can print double sided) - or print one and then get it photocopied.

The flyer created in MS Word looks like this





You can tailor the information and the QR for your own group. The QR code could point to an Action Network sign up form, or a facebook page or a website - whatever you want. QR codes can be made for free from website such as QR Code Monkey

XR Fonts are used, so to tailor this for your local group you need to download and install FUCXED CAPS and Crimson Pro

This works on my own printer if I set

Obviously (not being a computer/printer expert) this may not work for you - so please get in touch if and help me improve this by contacting email Or with any other questions. If you are struggling to tailor this form then I could do it for you and send you a pdf to print (which would mean you don't have to download the fonts)

If you need help learning about Action Network lists for your local group contact Action Network Data Team - also there is some information here about how subscribers get on to the XR email list and advice on creating QR codes, short links and best practice for paper forms.

Local Group Outreach Support materials

If you are looking for ideas to inspire you to spring into action after lockdown with your Local Group then look no further! Here they are.
Based on the Google doc "Support materials for Spring Out of Lockdown". Joyous Springing to you!
Communities Support for Local Groups
Rebel Toolkit
T&T directory and events
Rebellion Academy
Buddy programme
Local Group Support
Contact xrrebellionoutreach @ sign protonmail . com (take out the spaces to make the email)
Inclusivity and Accessibility resources
Visioning workshop
Outreach methods Outreach Methods Rebel Toolkit Page
Nifty ideas for outreach
Science banner Great Outreach Poster by Scientists for XR Rebel Toolkit Page
Online quiz
Rousing XR promo
XRCOP26 crew Click the link here for their live guide to support anyone planning actions in Glasgow
Join their Mattermost team "COP"
The Strategy working group meeting at 3PM UTC on Tuesdays. Click the link here
The Actions working group meets at 4pm UTC Thursdays Click the Link here (ask on Mattermost for the passcode)
And join the Mattermost COP Actions group: Click the link here to join
Faith Bridge Camino to Cop pilgrimage Click to find Camino to Cop briefing pack link here
To run your own G7 People’s Assembly and add your to the G7 week of PAs Website link here
Briefing pack
G7 Action: Make the Wave Telegram Group Telegram group Link click here
Movement of Movements support
Coalition examples XR Cymru Wales Six principles Link Here
Midlands Deep Water
Deepwater mattermost Channel Link here
Deepwater Telegram Chat Link Here
Deepwater facebook Page link Here
Deepwater Website Link Here
Movement of Movements (MoM) Directory (brilliant resource!) MoM Directory Link Here
XR MoM XR Biodiversity and Sustainability Crews Link Here
Background materials XR Coalitions with other Movements Link Here