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Local Group Outreach Support materials

If you are looking for ideas to inspire you to spring into action after lockdown with your Local Group then look no further! Here they are.
Based on the Google doc "Support materials for Spring Out of Lockdown". Joyous Springing to you!
Communities Support for Local Groups
Rebel Toolkit
T&T directory and events
Rebellion Academy
Buddy programme
Local Group Support
Contact xrrebellionoutreach @ sign protonmail . com (take out the spaces to make the email)
Inclusivity and Accessibility resources
Visioning workshop
Outreach methods Outreach Methods Rebel Toolkit Page
Nifty ideas for outreach
Science banner Great Outreach Poster by Scientists for XR Rebel Toolkit Page
Online quiz
Rousing XR promo
XRCOP26 crew Click the link here for their live guide to support anyone planning actions in Glasgow
Join their Mattermost team "COP"
The Strategy working group meeting at 3PM UTC on Tuesdays. Click the link here
The Actions working group meets at 4pm UTC Thursdays Click the Link here (ask on Mattermost for the passcode)
And join the Mattermost COP Actions group: Click the link here to join
Faith Bridge Camino to Cop pilgrimage Click to find Camino to Cop briefing pack link here
To run your own G7 People’s Assembly and add your to the G7 week of PAs Website link here
Briefing pack
G7 Action: Make the Wave Telegram Group Telegram group Link click here
Movement of Movements support
Coalition examples XR Cymru Wales Six principles Link Here
Midlands Deep Water
Deepwater mattermost Channel Link here
Deepwater Telegram Chat Link Here
Deepwater facebook Page link Here
Deepwater Website Link Here
Movement of Movements (MoM) Directory (brilliant resource!) MoM Directory Link Here
XR MoM XR Biodiversity and Sustainability Crews Link Here
Background materials XR Coalitions with other Movements Link Here