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Vision Reminder

(also known as the Solemn Intention Statement)

May our energy flow like a wave. We need the highs, the music, the joy, the laughter. And we also need the solemn, the heart opening and grieving, so the people watching know why we're really here...

Vision Reminder

(invitation: pause, breathe, close eyes):

'Let's take a moment, this moment, to consider why we are here.

Let’s recall our love for the whole of humanity, in all corners of the world. Let’s remember our love for this beautiful planet that feeds, nourishes and sustains all life. Let’s recollect our sincere desire to protect all this, for now and for generations to come.

As we act today, may we find the courage to bring this sense of peace and appreciation to every being we encounter, to every word we speak, and to every action we make. In this emergency. Together. Rooted in love. We are all we need.'