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Feargal Sharkey on Twitter For all the latest information about what the water companies and the UK government are doing about our waterways and seas, we do recommend that you follow Feargal Sharkey on twitter here

Jenni Russell on Twitter

Columnist, The Times; contributing writer, the New York Times; book reviewer, the Sunday Times. Winner of the Orwell Prize for political journalism 2011.

“Please read; the most important piece I've written. Mass poisoning has suddenly killed off most sea life for 30 miles by the Tees. The govt claims it's natural; ind scientists warn it's [hu]manmade. The govt is desperate not to inquire too deeply as its freeport policy is at stake.” Read here

This is quite interesting - was posted by rebels near River Wey [![RIVERWEYFACTSsmall.jpg](](

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