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Poo Pouring

Poo Pouring

A short video of a poo pouring action from Wave 1.

Rogers Poo Recipe!
I made some porridge, as you would for breakfast but thinner and more watery. Then thickened it up by adding white flour (in cold water) and boiling again till the right consistency achieved. Needs to run slowly down a vertical surface. Then add torn bits of kitchen paper and stir in some water based brown paint. There is plenty of scope for variations!!


A short video of Poo Pouring over the logo of a water polluter will be great for social media!

Some good still pics along with a press release could generate local press coverage.

This action idea could also be a centerpiece for a larger event.


  • Recce and rehearsal
  • Video and still pics
  • Press release and social media release
  • Protest liaison - just in case _ Poo pouring!

Clean up!

It is vital to clean up after your point has been made to avoid any possible charge of criminal damage!
Bring water and cloths to clean up, and place a piece of carpet beneath the target to catch drippage.

Protest Liaison

If police arrive or are present, have a designated person already in place, to explain your peaceful protest and assure them that protesters fully intend to clean up any mess before they leave.

Recce and rehearsal

Practice your pouring ceremony beforehand to be sure it goes right. Most targets will be vertical so practice pouring onto a vertical surface. Use a receptacle such as a squishy plastic bottle to pour from.

Survey the Pouring target beforehand to plan your theatrics, and also to be sure it will cause no lasting damage.

Important Warning - be aware that Poo Pouring on a permeable surface, such as stone, could cause long lasting stains, impossible to clean off on the day. Avoid permeable surfaces due to the possibility of inadvertently causing ‘criminal damage’!

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