Resources to Run an Assembly


Local Group Pack


We’d love to know if you are planning a Community Assembly in your local area so that we can support you with any questions you have, help obtain expert advice and possibly help provide facilitation. Please:

Community Assembly Manual

Community Assembly Facilitation Guide

Community Assembly Trainings & Open Calls


There's lots to do in advance and afterwards (especially to support any funding bid). We've got your back... If you need support on organising press releases, getting your assembly on XR's Events Map, or getting broadcasts out, if you can get your support request in as early as possible, you have the best chance of getting support. Go here to request Comms Support.

Working with the Press.

An important part of your communications plan for the assembly will be sharing your event with the press. This will include writing one or more press releases, and identifying the press contacts to share those with. To help with this please see the following resources:


For assemblies that happened before 17th January guidance is available on this page.

For assemblies happening in the future, or which have happened since 17th January, check out the General Fundraising Guidance.

Local / Combined Authorities Map

If consideraing involving politicians and officers in your community assembly or escalation plans check out the Local & Regional Authorities Map

If you have any questions on any of the above, please:

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