Making Connections

Your local area will be made up of neighbourhood communities, organisations, businesses, and communities of identity. Polls show that UK citizens care about Climate Breakdown and a quarter of these believe XR is effective as a movement, but only a small portion of the UK population self-identify as an activist, and even less so as a rebel who glues themselves to a boat! So, XR Community groups offer a powerful entry opportunity to discuss Climate Breakdown, and social & climate justice, within their peer group, in relevant and thoughtful framing.

How to Make Contact

Each XR Community of Identity (XR Lawyers, XR Buddhists etc.) has put together a letter framing the scale of the crisis according to that particular community. These letters will send the message that WE are the ones that will save us. No one else is coming to rescue us.

These letters will open a connection to Extinction Rebellion. Whether or not they choose to join our movement is up to them. They should be left in no doubt however that the invitation to the Community Assembly is for everyone.

Your local area will be made up of neighborhood communities and communities of identity. We suggest the following steps or your own thoughtful take on them.

What to put in the Emails?

The XR Communities groups have each written template letters for Local Groups to send on their behalf.
When tailoring your emails remember the Four Rules above and don't forget to:

Next Steps

Get in contact with your Regional Communities Coordinator, if you have one, or connect with other Local groups nearby to see how they are doing it! Remember to share your successes across your region!

Who to Contact

Thinking about your current connections

Get your LG together to identify local organisations and communities who you want to contact. Think deeply about the multiple layers of where you live:

Mapping your Local Area

Coming Soon