Who to Contact

Thinking about your current connections

Get your LG together to identify local organisations and communities who you want to contact. Think deeply about the multiple layers of where you live:

  • Who do we (rebels) already have links with?
    e.g., Maya’s mother is part of Friends of the Earth & Faiths for Climate, Anil’s brother works for People Not Borders.
  • What are your friends and families involved with?
    Susie’s brother is a teacher, her neighbor is a Muslim, her friend is working for a Multi-faith organisation, Susie self-identifies as queer, mother & lawyer. Susie shares the resources - be like Susie!
  • Look for Clusters:
    eg. Faith - Centres of Worship, Organisation (Christians for X), Departments (University Theology, Lecturers & Student body), Choirs, Social Groups, Book Groups, Student Bodies, Prayer Groups, Multi-faith Groups/orgs, Research Institutes, Companies, Intersectional Groups (Jewish Parenting Club, Christian Queers), Schools (teachers/educators, parents/families)
  • Decide amongst your rebels who will approach which community clusters.
    This is a great way to share workload amongst rebels.
  • Consider setting up a Rebel Mailer email account
    (eg xr.bristol.communities@... or xr.bristol.relationships@...) to work through the list, keeping track of who’s been contacted, who’s responded, etc

Mapping your Local Area

Coming Soon