Demystifying XR

Glossary of terms, FAQs and other basic resources

Glossary of Terms

We know that for a newcomer to Extinction Rebellion our resources and newsletters can appear full of jargon, acronyms and nonsense. First of all, we sincerly apologise for this. Jargon is useful shorthand within a group but can be unhelpful to new rebels and so we have created this page to help!

Feel free to add new entries or add in terms you have come across which you do not understand. This is by no means a complete list.

Frequently Used Terms


Organisational Terms

Other Terms

Movement Updates

Movement Updates are published each week, with a link posted in the Town Square channel of the UK Team in Mattermost. If you read them each week, the meanings of these terms used in XR's organisation will gradually become clear:

Terms Needing Explanations

About Extinction Rebellion

The main public-facing site for Extinction Rebellion in the United Kingdom is

The global site is at

We encourage everyone in the UK to sign up to the Communications Hub, which gives you access to chat (Mattermost), forum and cloud storage (online documents) facilities to communicate with other rebels. For security reasons, you can't just sign yourself up -- you need to contact a Tech Champion in your Local Group or Community Group. To contact a Local Group or Community Group, look at the web site.