Book a Zoom Session and Publicise Your Event

How To Book A Session On Zoom

If you don’t have access to a paid Zoom account, please contact XRUK Talks & Training [T&T] via our Talks & Training Reception on Mattermost or email and we'll give you our log in.

Once in the T&T Zoom, please check the schedule to make sure you don't make a booking at the same time as someone else. Go to Meetings in the menu on the left hand side in Zoom and check the list for other sessions already booked in. Please leave a minimum of 15 minutes between meetings to allow time for prep.

If asked for a One Time Passcode (OTP) when logging into the T&T Zoom, please go to Protonmail, and use the same log in details as the T&T Zoom account, pick up the code and then add it to the relevant Zoom field. That will get you into the T&T Zoom account - you have 10 mins to pick up the code. However you can always generate another if you run out of time.

Scheduling and customising a meeting with registration

Find instructions here.

How To Publicise Your Session

Complete the UK M&M Comms Requests form to get your event onto:

If you have a Mattermost account you can ask for your event to be publicised on the Movement Broadcast channels on Telegram and Mattermost. Do this in the UK M&M Comms Requests channel.

Update other publicity channels: local group Facebook page, broadcast channel for region, or wherever you publicise events.

If you are using Action Network to promote your event, paste in the full link then use the Action Network link shortener found in the formatting options within the body text. If you use a pre-link shortener, then your emails may go into peoples’ spam.

If you need guidance on using Action Network, visit the Rebel Toolkit pages here and request training here.

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