Guidance for using Zoom in Talks, Training and Workshops

How To Use Zoom Features During Your Session

How to log on to Zoom and select your booked session

Access details are the same as those used for booking the session. REMEMBER to check whether you are already logged into another Zoom account. If so, you need to log out of that one to log into the Zoom account where the session is booked. Go to the avatar at the top right - sign out and then sign into the correct account.

switch account.PNG

How to enable closed captions BEFORE THE SESSION BEGINS

captions button.PNG

How to admit participants from Waiting Room / How to unlock it

How to split screen to see the Zoom meeting and other information (eg. your script) side by side

How to screen share

You may use this function to show slides etc but you will not be able to see your script

Watch Zoom support video on screen sharing

How to create break-out rooms for check-ins

Watch Zoom support video on use of breakout rooms

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