Heading for Extinction for Speakers

This page contains useful resources on how to publicise an XR Talk and speaker tips. Only trained HfE speakers can deliver the Heading for Extinction (and what to do about it) script and slides. If you want to deliver the Street Science talk (based on the HfE talk), please download the script below.

Resources to support HfE speakers

The resources below are for supporting HfE Speaker

Only trained XR Speakers should deliver the HfE talk. Once trained you'll be given access to the HfE Index which has links to the latest versions of the slides and script

If you'd like to request training in how to deliver this talk, please either email eventsxr@gmail.com or message into the HfE Talk Team Reception and @lindanicklin in that channel on Mattermost.

Anyone can deliver the street Science talk, please download the scripts below and also visit the Street Speakers pages on the Rebel Toolkit for support and advice.

Speaker Tips for Online Delivery

How to Publicise an XR Talk

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