Dirty Water

Dive in! Take direct action to demand clean water: - Climate change and nature loss should inform planning nationally and locally - To treat water as a precious natural life-source - The creation of legal Rights of Nature for all natural entities - The end of raw sewage discharge into our waterways and an end to leaks by 2030 - A Citizens’ Assembly on Water

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How to navigate the Dirty Water book

Wave 6 is focused on building communities around water to take action on raising awareness, engaging the public, growing local groups, building allies, increasing knowledge and understanding. Demonstrating agency - peoples’ voices can and will be heard.

We thought of a SEQUENCE OF ACTION IDEAS, where each one builds on the previous:

CONTENTS OF THIS DIRTY WATER BOOK is structured into the following chapters:

Throughout the Wave 6 chapter you'll find WATER LEVEL SYMBOLS, an easy-to-understand guide to visually explain how much effort an action takes and/or how 'spicy' it is. The Water Levels are:

toe dip

Dip your toe

These are fun and easy actions that won't take too long to prepare. A good example for a toe-dip is the Cancel for Clean Water action. Most digital actions are also part of this level, but some more time-consuming actions would be found be at the Swim level.


Have a paddle

These are easy actions with a minimal amount of risk and no lengthy preparation time. Fishy Business is one of these used to pre-promote an action or for outreach.


Have a swim

These actions involve a longer commitment or carry a small amount of risk. A good example is the Don’t Pay for Dirty Water campaign, where people refuse to pay their sewage bill over many month and risk their credit rating to take a knock.

deep dive

Deep dive

These actions take a considerable amount of effort and resources to prepare and do, so local groups might want to take this on as a key project for a season. Organising an assembly is one of those projects.

Blue Plaques for Nature


What are Blue Plaques?

The iconic English Heritage blue plaques commemorate a notable person who once lived in a particular place. This action mimics these historical plaques to honour nature... one species at a time.

These plaques can be edited and tailored to:

Example plaques


When the Blue Plaques should go up

This action can carried out at any time however look out for emails and posts for UK-wide events where Dirty Water can create a mass blue plaque action.

Create your blue plaque

Templates can be printed on a standard domestic A4 printer. You can glue the plaque onto cardboard to strengthen it, or laminate it to make it waterproof. You can either:

Ready-made templates

Download and print a ready-made plaque from a suite of templates on the Dirty Water Google Drive:

Editable templates

Here is a step-by-step 'How to Edit a Blue Plaque' video and in the folders above you can find editable templates to copy and edit yourself and written instructions are how to copy and edit the templates.

Buy a blue plaque

Or you can order a commercially made Personalised Heritage Blue Plaque for £14.99

How to place a Blue Plaque

How permanent you wish to make the fixing is up to you. You need to balance the permanency against any possible damage you may cause and whether you have permission to place a Blue Plaque. Easy to remove, no-damage options, which are much less long-lasting, would include using blue-tac, double-sided sticky tape, string or wire twists around railings.

Where to place a Blue Plaque

Almost anywhere! The power of the Blue Plaques for Nature rests on them staying in place to get passers-by talking and thinking and on their wider impact via an image on social media. So think carefully about where you choose.

You could place a Blue Plaque for Nature on a fence post by your local playground, or by the stile on a favourite woodland walk. Perhaps a café, corner shop, community centre or church hall in your neighbourhood would like to put one in their window. And lastly, of course – how about your own house? Have you always secretly wished you lived in a blue plaque house? This is your chance!

Remember - always take a photo of whichever location you choose and upload it to social media wherever possible. Then like and repost others' posts to amplify!

Amplify your action

Social Media
Use these hashtags to help spread the message #ExtinctionRebellion #DirtyWater.

You can also upload photos to Dirty Water's Google Drive. We can all share them with others and use them for other actions. Upload photos here for XR groups or here for RNN groups.

Further information and reading

More than 100,000 known wildlife species depend on the freshwater ecosystem. And that's not counting the seas/oceans!


Everyfin you need to take part


Fishy Business


Watch how to make and use the Fish Stencil

So don't be Koi ~ let's get fishy with it!

We have a nifty set of instructions and stencil files can be found in this folder.

What you'll need:

Chalk sprays [such as Montana] are available. Prices vary but check out GraffCity and Montana [cheapest at Suspect Package].

Nifty Instructions

There are three formats of files in this folder.:

What about spraying over existing artwork?

As a golden rule don’t not tag over other posters and spray tags as this could cause conflict. Organised fly-posters and graffiti groups can be territorial and could get violent.

LAW - Paint the Streets info

What if I’m stopped?

Will chalk spraying get me arrested?

Symbolism of Fish

The Symbolism Of Fish: Exploring Different Cultures And Meanings ~ Erika Stephens


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