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Campaign Design

Consider your messaging narrative and timeline for the coming Rebellion, think about how it links to the actions you are planning, the story you are telling.

Who are you talking to, what information do you need them to know, what are you asking them to do? (Book time off work for the rebellion! Right now!)

Think practically:

GET ... TO ... BY ...

(Eg. GET grandparents TO join drop a banner BY introducing them to XR Elders)

To maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns aim for consistency across your platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and beyond socials onto Email, Ringing and Events.

So consider the time between now and rebellion, how might you theme your days and weeks?

*Example Week: GET Local Communities & Organisations TO the Heading for Extinction talk BY reaching out through the connections we have within our group.

  • Theme – Our System is Killing us
  • Aspect – Community Building
  • Big Ask – Approach 5 Communities / Organizations and invite them to Heading for Extinction Talk
  • Small Ask – Bring 5 friends to the Heading for Extinction Talk at the end of the week.
  • Information – Ways to link your communities into the Rebellion*

We can then use this framing to create daily Social Media Posts on exactly how our system is killing us – start ringing campaigns inviting people to the talk at the end of the week and asking them to bring their friends and organisations. We can host discussion spaces on these issues through the week and reach out into the communities though our own contacts and on Social Media.