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Don't be Afraid to Ask!

“The good news for organizers who want to help build the political revolution is that people really are just waiting for you to ask them to do something big.” ― Becky Bond, Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything

Every event should have a clear next step. Every conversation should end with “and this is how you can help”. Every interaction you have needs a small way that people can meaningfully tackle the climate crisis. They should be able to do it immediately or within 3 days, or their enthusiasm will be lost.

Show them they can make history!

Tiny Asks (5-10 min asks)

  • Share the Facebook event, select “going”, and invite all your friends!
  • Contribute to the Rebellion Crowdfunder or Set up a Monthly Donation.
  • Write a powerful 3 sentence summary of why you are a Rebel and post it with a photo that adds meaning to your words on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Invite 5 friends to come along to the Heading for Extinction Talk!

Small Asks (10 - 30 min asks)

  • If you can, book time off work NOW! Right now! And come to the Rebellion. Let your friends know you’ve done so on Social Media!
  • Prepare a care package for a Rebel who will be on the street, come out and give it to them - include food, warm/soft things, water, tea, battery packs, etc.
  • Host a Watch Party for the 15 min Heading for Extinction talk with your friends and start a discussion. Invite them to the 2020 Rebellion.
  • Record a short video on what you are actively hoping to see in the future we build, and share it on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok with #WeWantToLive.

Medium Asks (Can be done for a day or a week)

  • Record a short video clip each morning in the run-up to rebellion on what Rebelling against this system means for you and those around you. Share on your Social Media Platforms. Check Here for Hashtags!
  • Make a banner and placards for the rebellion and share on social media (bonus points for hanging the banner in a visible spot locally!).
  • Get some friends together and do one of the Outreach methods to engage with your community.

Large Asks (Longer term asks)

  • Come join a Working group within your Local Group
  • Become a Regional Organiser!
  • Quit your job and give all your time to the rebellion!

These are just a handful of suggestions, bring your group together and get creative!