Reactivation Talk

No Time to Lose if we Want to Live

Summer 2020, the world has been in lockdown, rebels have been isolated for months and yet their apetite for Action has grown!

Lockdown has been tough. Our movement asked its rebels if they wanted to proceed with a Summer Rebellion. The majority said “You betcha” (not the exact words!). It’s still a tough choice to go ahead with a Rebellion with C-19 still hitting hard, so we have to inspire our rebels with why we have to go ahead. It’s simple: We Want to Live. And all the indigenous people. And all the world’s children. And all the species. And all the biodiversity and creatures.

And we have to ACT NOW because the science is getting worse. The science is screaming at us.

No Time to Lose.png

The No Time to Lose talk is incredible. Horrifying and inspiring in equal measure. Each Local Group can organise and promote at least one No Time To Lose talk before the Rebellion, whilst larger Local Groups should aim for three No Time To Lose talks.

Note: This talk is aimed to re-engage and excite existing rebels rather than to reach and inform new audiences. That’s what makes it different from the Heading for Extinction talk.

The talk touches upon:

Who is this for?

Everyone who will be involved in the next rebellion in any possible way.

Who is responsible for this?

Your local Talks & Trainings team, you can find their email address Here

How long does it take?

1 hour

How do I organise it?

Check out this guide.

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