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Using Social Media

When using Social Media as a part of your campaign it is important to consider the platforms you are using and how this may alter your content. Check out the hashtags and links Here.

If you find the idea of Social Media alarming check out our Nervous Rebel's Guide to Social Media.

Here are some key tips to help:

  • Check what’s trending on twitter; see if anything relevant can be incorporated into the day’s post to increase audience.
  • @ people i.e. @UKGOV. Be direct.
  • Keep it short & punchy.
  • Use humour where appropriate.
  • Twitter is more popular with businesses, organisations and notables - bear this in mind when writing posts.
  • Keep it short and punchy, and use simple language.
  • Grab the reader's attention in the first two lines.
  • Use 10 words or fewer per sentence - break long sentences up.
  • Don’t overuse emojis; use them constructively, to accent the text. Too many emojis can be visually confusing.
  • Feel free to use one of our fancy banners for your Events!
  • Try and get original content as much as possible.
  • Aim for approx. 50 words and 5-10 hashtags.
  • Tailor the tone & language to a younger audience.

There are also many ways rebels can boost posts on social media. Again more information can be found here.

Engaging with posts (not just liking them), selecting “Going”, sharing events, and commenting all boost the reach of posts. When running with a campaign you could get a group of rebels together to do some “Facebanking” by interacting with posts or going further and interacting with people and communities on social media!

We touch on Online Outreach methods in the next section.