Example BBC Complaints letters

There has been negligence on the behalf of the BBC to report on the XR protests, they are funded by our taxes and serve us the people.

Note the complaints form has a 2000 word limit.

  • Below are some templates of how you can complain to the BBC:

Example 1:

Dear BBC,

I wish to complain about the lack of serious coverage of the climate crisis we now find ourselves in. I write this complaint with a heavy heart as I have had the utmost respect and admiration for the work of the BBC throughout my life. Regrettably though, in recent years, and most poignantly over the last few days, I feel that this critical issue has not been given sufficient attention by the BBC news.

Climate and ecological breakdown are scientific issues. They are driven by complex and diverse factors, best understood by experts (scientists) who have in many instances devoted their whole careers to understanding and trying to solve these difficult and very real problems. The view of climate scientists must therefore surely be of more relevance in this matter than that of political or social pundits, though they appear to be hugely under-represented in your coverage of climate and ecological news stories.

I understand that the BBC must of course remain impartial, and always provide points of view to both sides of every debate. However we need to bear in mind that climate breakdown is something that will affect every single person on this planet; so there is no denying that this is an issue that must be given a greater priority in its coverage, but a coverage which is based in the facts rather than based on political opinion.

Please do not forget how well regarded the BBC is around the world, and by extension to this, your potential to make change by reaching so many people. It is so important that the media do their part in helping solve this crisis by making people aware of the facts, because after all, we are all in this together.

kind regards,

Example 2:

Dear BBC, I, and others, now feel the BBC has been failing us by not reporting important stories, such as the climate crisis, and not remaining impartial, despite being paid by the people to inform us. Recently you have had a few truth telling reports and shows that have had some impact, such as The Blue Planet effect, but it is too little too late. You cannot correct past mistakes but you can, and for all our sakes must, step up and tell the truth.

I cannot find a single mention to the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill written and backed by prominent scientists, economists, MPs and environmentalists or the peer-reviewed studies stating strong links between climate change and pandemics in our media output; aren’t these newsworthy? Did I and countless others miss it or have we been simply been left in the dark through your editing choices?

Equally I have been confused by the BBCs representation of those trying to bring the climate crisis and CEE bill to the public’s attention. Your reports state the number of arrests, the (albeit minor) disruption, and images making protesters appear to be vandals when using water soluble paints and chalks, and collecting all litter dropped by them or anyone else who passed by. Arrestees having charges dropped since their protests washed off aren’t reported. You have to be impartial, meaning you can state facts like climate science (you wouldn’t give equal time to flat-earthers as Brian Cox!), and why/how people are protesting emulating the non-violent, respectful civil rights movements. You must give information from both sides, not just the more politically convenient one!

The BBC is so highly regarded around the world, and surely needs to stand up and make its voice count in our most critical hour. You have a responsibility to tell the truth and not bend to political opinion or shy away from inconvenient facts. We are all in this together, but you have the power! I am looking forward to hopefully getting more balanced and factual coverage from the BBC.