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16. How to include fundraising with outreach and other XR activities

Outreach If you have an outreach interaction that ends with a “sign up” (to Action Network) then you may also feel able to ask for a donation. Here is a short video that shows you how this might work.

You might want some or all of the following with you to help with fundraising:

Card/contactless payment devices

Handy sign up/donate QR code cards

A4 posters with TEXT TO DONATE and donate QR codes

• A4 stands for your posters (acrylic or wooden homemade)


DONATE QR code that you can incorporate into your own posters, fliers etc

Most other XR activities can be opportunities for fundraising

Artblockers Meetings Talks and Trainings

Activities just for fundraising

You might have people in your group who are up for running fundraising activities outside the usual XR events. the following can be fun and successful ways of raising money and broadening the people we reach out to!

Quizes, sales of plants/cakes/artworks, musical or poetry evenings.