4. Why Regular Monthly Giving to XR is So Important

In the run up to The Big One in April 2023 some 50,000 people gave one off donations to XR raising £400,000. This was a fantastic response focussing on a specific event.

Until now this has been our fundraising routine, to raise lots of money in the run up to the next big London Rebellion. However, now we know that there is not going to be a single big Autumn 2023 rebellion, so we need a new fundraising plan.

There are costs that we have every month, so a regular monthly income allows us to confidently provide a good level of UK wide services and support for key activists.

We are, therefore, asking everyone, especially those who kindly gave a one-off donation to The Big One, to consider setting up a regular monthly donation to XR.

It does not take many people giving a small amount each month to secure our organisation through to 2024. It would be wonderful if those who can afford to give a monthly donation to XR now sets one up.

How can local groups increase their number of regular donors?

Encourage your local rebels to consider setting up a monthly “regular giving” donation.

If we had an extra 5,000 regular monthly donors each giving £5 to £10 per month then we would generate about £500,000 in a year, which would be wonderful!

Putting it another way, we would love about 5 people in every 100 rebels on your local group mailing lists to become regular monthly donors. Many people are very happy indeed to give money to XR when asked, as we see from the large amounts raised in the run up to The Big One.

If you are able to ask, the words below might be helpful.

Could you become a regular monthly donor to XR?

Our wonderful XR organisation needs money every month to keep doing its amazing work.
We spend money supporting people in crucial UK-wide roles, fund regions and nations, create and store our iconic artwork, run our I.T. and financial systems and much more.
Until now, one-off donations just before rebellions have seen us through the whole year. Now we do not have a big London rebellion event Autumn 2023, budgets are very tight. So, we are asking people who might previously have given XR a one-off donation before to now consider becoming regular donors.
If lots of rebels each donate just a small regular amount, then that will make the difference we need.
Can you support us as a regular donor so that we achieve everything we hope for in 2024?

Thank you so much.

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