5. Why Outreach to Get Sign Ups to XR's Action Network Mailing List Helps Fundraising

XR uses its Action Network emailing lists to send information to people who have previously 'signed up.'

We also send emails asking for donations. Email is a hugely successful way of generating funding.

In the run up to The Big One people responded to these Action Network emails by generously added £400,000 to our Chuffed fundraiser.

The more people there are on our Action Network mailing list, the more successful our future fundraising will be.

When local groups do Outreach, then add new people to their local group Action Network email list, those people are automatically added to the Regional/National and UK email lists for XR.

So, it is important for fundraising that local groups are using Action Network (rather than their own systems like Mailchimp or other systems), so that they continue to build their lists over time, which in turn supports the wider movement and our ultimate goals of bringing more people into support.

Video showing outreach followed by a fundraising ask

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