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6. Should you Raise Money for Your Local Group? Your Region/Nation? Or For XR UK?

All local groups, regions and nations are autonomous and will make their own decisions about where to direct the funds they raise. Here we just set out the broader situation to help you decide what to do.

XR UK spends it funds on:

  • Supporting a range of volunteers with essential costs, including people who support the movement through UK wide teams with resources, training, strategies, regional and national coordination, fundraising etc

  • Carefully planning national and UK wide attention-grabbing strategies, actions and campaigns

  • Creating and safely storing of our wonderfully iconic creative resources

  • Sharing money with nations and regions, to spend as they need. Some of this will help support local groups with leaflets, posters and other resources.

  • Providing, updating and supporting our communication and meeting tools and website

  • Running trainings and talks to spread the news about the climate emergency

  • Providing financial and budgeting processes

If funds are tight, budgets for all the above are squeezed, including the funding given to nations and regions.

The XR Budgeting Process Regions and nations ask XR UK for the level of funding that they need and then hopefully there is enough available to meet those needs.

If regions and nations raise their own funds (some areas find this easier than others) then they should need less funding from XR UK. If local groups raise their own funds, then they will need less financial support from individual rebels and from their region or nation.

If XR UK holds funding centrally, then it can prioritise budgets across the whole organisation.

Fundraising by regions, nations and local groups may reach rebels that fundraising by XR UK cannot.