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8. Using donation tins and buckets

You can buy donation tins and buckets online, or make your own of course. Metal or plastic coffee or hot chocolate containers work well, with a slot in the top and some paper wrapped around and decorated.

It is best to get one with a chain and small carabiner (or add this yourself) so it can be anchored to a table.
These can then be used at all your events and meetings to collect cash.

You might prefer to count the cash as a pair of rebels at the end of the session so there are no misunderstandings about the amount collected and who has taken it to bank/look after.

Lots of people do not carry cash these days so it is also handy to have a way of taking payments, for example:

Contactless/card payment devices,

QR codes to chuffed fundraisers,

Text To Donate codes.

Please take care not to use the XR logo (two triangles pointing at one another inside a circle) on fundraising kit as its designer has asked that it is not be used for commercial purposes).