How to ask for a donation in an email/guide/other document

Here are a few suggestions of text you can use next to a Donate button in an Email

Longer form

It’s only thanks to small donations from individuals like you that we can continue to fund actions, outreach, equipment, systems and more.

Every single donation helps us demand change. Together, we are unstoppable.

Short form 1

Extinction Rebellion runs on love, rage, and donations! Give now to keep the rebellion alive!

Short form 2

Thanks to donations from people like you, XR UK can continue to demand change.

Local Action 1

The climate emergency is now! We need to take local grassroots direct action to make change happen. But we can’t do it without your support.

Rebellion Ask

Without your help, there won’t be a rebellion. Your local XR group urgently needs your help to keep resisting and rebelling. Can you donate now or organise a fundraiser?

Yes, I want to donate to fund the rebellion

Yes I want to organise a fundraiser (email link)

Rebellion Ask 2

We need your help to fund the rebellion! Support local volunteers' fund essentials and you’ll be directly helping to fight back against climate emergency inaction.

What does XR UK spend money on?

A [monthly] donation helps us:

• Support volunteers with essential costs

• Carefully plan attention-grabbing actions

• Pay for safe storage of equipment

• Maintain our website and communication tools

• Manage our finances with accounting software and professional bookkeeping

• And so much more

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