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Rebel Ringer volunteers made thousands of calls in the lead up to The Big One in 2023 alone. This team helped reconnect rebels, some who had not been active for a while, for whatever reason, and steered willing activists to the information and resources they needed to get them to London's amazing 60,000+ people rebellion.

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Digital Rebellion

Digital Rebellion exists so that everyone can take climate action! If you can write a letter or send an email or make a phone call you can take part. You will join others all working together to make your lone voice part of a heavenly chorus.

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Since the mainstream media refuse to cover the majority of our work, these channels are a vital way we share our message. We use social media to:

UK social media channels

All the UK social media channels have the handle @XRebellionUK

Plus the Extinction Rebellion UK YouTube channel.

Local Group social media channels

Local Groups and Community Groups often have their own social media accounts. Some of the larger ones have their own websites too. All can be found on the Local Group map.

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