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XR Arts ~ Action Design

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Principles and Values Poster

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XR Arts Working Group Guidelines

“Politics is not solely, or even primarily, about reasoned thinking and rational choices; it’s a...

Why We're Taking Action and You Should Join Us Booklet

Wake Up Act Now Booklet for sharing from Arts WG If you click on the images you will be taken to...

Bird Skeleton Making Guide

XR Skeletons Rebellion As the Climate & Ecological crisis deepens around the world our beaut...

Infinite Growth: Now Is Time To Plant A Wildflower

Our landscape for action has changed. With dolphins returning to the canals of Venice, cougars be...

3 Positive Solutions Creative Actions (suitable for Lockdown)

Positive Solutions Arts In December 2020 we asked XR Scotland rebels to make and photograph art ...

How to make a banner

Click here for the youtube link to the video for how to make a banner The video includes: 1. Ho...

Performance Groups

XR performance groups

How To Make A Multi-Message Banner

Did you ever wish you could change the message on your banner? This document shows how to create ...

Fake Oil Recipe

Fake Crude Oil Recipe

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