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Rebel for Truth

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Messaging Pack 2024

It’s nearly 5 years since the Declaration of Rebellion. Why are we still having to talk about this shit?

The Public Order Act has changed the landscape in which we are taking action. It is intended to make people feel powerless - but we aren’t. They want people to forget the change they can create when they come together. We are inviting them to remember.

Across the country communities of resistance are growing. Rebels in local groups are building alliances, and taking actions around local issues that matter to them, culminating in coordinated action on the last day of the month - every month.

We have always sounded the alarm, and now we sound the alarm for truth. Our system is broken, and all those in power are complicit. With truth we will make a stand, a bold and rebellious stand, for all life on earth. The lies about the climate and ecological crisis, what’s causing it and what’s being done about it. The lies that justify inequality, racism, injustice, colonialism, speciesism and ecocide. The lies that vilify action and perpetuate apathy.

What is the unifying thread that unites an action against an incinerator in Edmonton and tree cutting in Wellingborough? It is that we are all Extinction Rebellion, bound by the same demands, principles and values.

There is one answer to the situation we are in, an antidote to the lies and misinformation. It is the answer because we believe in the power of people - we demand a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice.

There is power in unity and many voices speaking as one, but there is also strength in the words that connect to your community. Consider this page a toolkit. If it contains things that help you get the job done then use it, but it is an invitation not an instruction.


Why are we Rebelling for Truth?

Since XR first burst onto the streets we have said “Tell the truth and act as if the truth is real”. Truth is the antidote to climate lies and climate liars. Truth is strong. Truth is defiant. Truth is unapologetic.

We non-violently challenge and disrupt the climate villains whose lies are stopping the scientific truth from driving an urgent and just transition. With humour, with creativity, with unity, we present an inspiring alternative vision to the toxic system that allows climate lies to flourish as the crisis destroys our global life support system before our eyes.

Are You Okay With This?

Hell no. Greenwashing and inaction are everywhere. This is a question both for the climate criminals, and for the public.

This year has featured more evidence of climate breakdown in the form of a record-breaking cyclone in south-eastern Africa, raging wildfires in Europe and an unbearable heatwave across Asia. On our doorstep effluent is knowingly pumped into our rivers and pollution into our air as the government takes more steps to silence dissent. Once you’ve looked truth in the eye, the next question is what are you going to do about it?

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We must Decide Together

When you can’t trust those in power, the people are the answer. Our three demands are a pathway to change. Citizens’ assemblies (CAs) are the antidote to the lies and the villains, putting the decisions needed in the hands of the people.

We are trapped in a system that is outdated and out of touch. Citizen's assemblies are the alternative, putting decisions in the hands of the people. This is the first step in the system change we demand. In a time of corruption and greed, ‘reasonable’ starts to look revolutionary.

Remind yourself and everyone else about why CAs are the answer. Check out the resources on our website or YouTube.

Need some help with how to talk about CAs? Read more here.

Pink flyer with white XR symbol and 3 black rabbits. Text reads 'Here comes everyone'. Extinction Rebellion logo at the bottom.


Flyers have been produced that align with this messaging.

You can download them here to print yourself, or order them from the outreach order form.

These flyers are available in Welsh through the 'print yourself' link above. If there is a language you would like outreach materials in please email

Social Media

Find social media assets for you or you group to use here.







Green background with white cutout XR Symbol

Paint the Symbol - Here Comes Everyone

In 1996 a small group of people who went on to lead the Serbian resistance took to the streets and spray painted their symbol, and the word “otpor” - resistance. They knew that under an oppressive regime people wouldn’t feel they could come out onto the streets unless they thought that everyone else was. The symbol appearing everywhere created the movement it hinted at, which in turn overthrew a dictator.

The extinction symbol is already iconic. Recreate it on walls, in windows, anywhere you can imagine. Let’s reignite the paint the symbol campaign with love, creativity - and of course a little bit of mischief.



Spread the message even further. Stick a poster in your window, take a bundle to flypost, or anything else you can think of.

Find some colourful ones and some black and white ones suitable for home printing here (would look fab printed onto pink or green paper!). Post them everywhere you can as a show of pride. Normalise being in rebellion!



You might have noticed this font popping up instead of the classic Crimson. That’s because serif fonts are harder for many people to read, especially if they are dyslexic. When we say we welcome everyone, we want them to feel welcome too! Get it here.

Fucxed Caps

Get the classic Fucxed Caps here.


The XR Design Programme has a beautiful array of colours, but sometimes simplicity speaks for itself. Leaning into our signature pink, complemented by the classic green is a combination that never goes out of style.

Using the same colours as other actions for your banner or social media graphics is an easy and simple way to tie what you’re doing and saying into the wider narrative, even if the rest of your messaging is tailored to a specific campaign or local issues.

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The Extinction Symbol is iconic and uniting, and never more so than when it is fluttering in the wind.

Find everything you need to know about making flags here and a video on how to block print the symbol on them here.


What is XR up to?

Thanks for asking! We’re pretty busy. We are implementing our new strategy, and diversifying both our tactics and our spectrum of support. That’s not the sort of magic that takes place overnight. XR holds a unique position among the ecology of environmental groups - we are the only one with the potential to truly be a mass NVDA movement, capable of forcing the government to meet our demands. And to achieve the change necessary we need everyone. That means growing our local groups, building alliances and connecting with communities that previously we have not managed to engage with.

Did The Big One even do anything?

Movements that last are movements that adapt and change, and in XR we flow like water. This means adapting our strategy to an over-changing environment, because doing the same thing all the time just isn’t going to do the job.

In order to keep up the pressure we need to be unafraid to diversify our tactics in response to an ever-changing climate. This keeps us fresh and radical, and keeps those in power on their toes. We know that what we achieved in April scared those in power, because it was unexpected, and the unexpected isn’t something they can predict and plan for. Now we need to build on that.

What about our theory of change?

A theory of change is not a monolith, it is not a thing that is written and remains rigid and unbending. Reflecting and learning is built into our principles and values for a reason, and nowhere is this more true than our strategy. Looking to all those who have stepped into resistance is great, but it doesn’t tell us what to do now - because we’ve never done this before. And everything is at stake.