Resizing Images

Why use smaller images?

OK, so how do I do that?

Not a tech whizz (yet)?

If you have an image to put on a page on the Rebel Toolkit, you may need to resize it in order to get it to display at the correct size on the page. This involves reducing the resolution of the image, ie. reducing the number of pixels in the width and height.

You do this on your computer before uploading the image to the Rebel Toolkit.

Notes for Microsoft computers:

You can see the dimensions of an image by hovering your mouse over the name in Windows Explorer.

Notes for Computers with the Paint app:

An easy way to resize an image on a Mac is to open the file using Paint.

Tip: It is a good idea to make a copy of the image and resize the copy.

There are numerous tutorials available on how to resize images, and a selection is listed below.

Note: Many of the tutorials are trying to get you to download a piece of software or to use a particular web site.
You do not need to install any new software or to use a web site or online service*
Whether you use Windows, a Macintosh or Linux, your computer already has the software you need to resize images. The list below only covers Windows.

*Linux is more tricky, and you may actually want to install some software.

Tutorials for Resizing Images



Using Preview to resize an image tutorial. Youtube video link. You can skip the first 40 seconds where he explains why you may want to change the size of an image.

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