History of IBG

IBG was created in May 2020. After a such a successful 2019, funds were being spent too readily and when lockdown started, no public actions could take place which would generate donations. After inactivity during the winter of 2019/2020, funds were already draining. This produced a financial crisis in March 2020 where XR UK ran out of money and suddenly spending had to be reduced, mainly VLE, resulting in many rebels forced to leave XR. Therefore IBG was set up so that Finance no longer had the responsibility for budgets, accounting and spending. Instead the whole movement would be represented in decisions on how unrestricted funds should be spent.

As at 5 Oct 2021, IBG has a parent circle of SFC whose parent is Sys & Cul. However, SFC is defunct and the Sys & Cul ECs are discussing with legal advice from Tim Crossland a new structure to best hold IBG, Fundraising, Finance and maybe FIT.