Managing a new budget

When a budget is approved for a circle or group, whether from the movement budget fund or rebellion fund, the amount is put into a reserve by Finance.

For full details on how to get a budget, see Allocation of Movement Budgets or Funding rebellions and actions.

Accessing funds and Connecting to the Finance Team

Once approval to spend the budget is given by the IBG, the Budget Holder (BH) tells Finance where to transfer the fund, using a JOT form. The BH must ensure that the total claims they are asked to approve don't exceed the original budget approved. Finance make checks also.

Guide for making a VLE claim

For the nations, regions and Affinity Youth Network (AYN), there are 2 ways to access their allocations :

Nation/Region/AYN with no bank account : Finance holds the money, the BH monitors and controls via spreadsheets.

Nation/Region/AYN with bank account : Finance advances the money to the Nation/Region/AYN, their BH controls the funds. This system is less work for Finance.

Payment approval

As circle members spend the money, they claim it back by sending the BH a receipt for goods and services by completing a Jot form. For VLE, they complete another Jot form monthly by a deadline. See section on Movement budget VLE for full guidelines. The claim details on the forms get copied into 1 row of a spreadsheet "Payments 2022". The spreadsheet has different tabs for VLE and goods and services. The claim row contains full details :

  1. Date
  2. Name of claimant
  3. email address
  4. Amount claimed
  5. Team or project
  6. BH name
  7. Purpose
  8. Payee name and bank account details
  9. Link to receipts
  10. Payroll no (VLE onlY)
  11. Amount approved by BH
  12. BH initials, to act as a signature for approval

The claimant tells the BH they made the claim and the BH approves it by entering the amount approved, which could be the full amount, 0 or somewhere inbetween plus their initials. The BH should anyway check for VLE claims near the monthly deadline around 16th in case they were not told.

Movement budget : Paying for goods or services

A rebel or co-ordinator needing payment has it approved by the BH or someone with the accountability. A BH can approve their own request. When approved, BH submits a payment request to Finance or ask Finance to pay someone, which could be an external service provider through an invoice. Payment is made by transfer from Comp Rev to a bank account. It may be the bank a/c of the circle or if it has no bank account, to the account of the requester or that of a goods or service provider.

VLE to those registered for VLE payroll

Someone receiving VLE for the first time sends an email to and receives an auto reply with details of how to submit a VLE claim each month. They will need to supply bank details and their BH should be aware they will be claiming. They submit their monthly claim by a deadline each month, usually around 16th using a Jot form provided by Finance. This is automatically tranferred to a "Payements 2022" spreadsheet. The BH must approve it by adding their initials and the amount approved, usually the amount but may be less or 0. A BH can approve their own claims. The individual is added to the payroll and then paid monthly in line with an agreed budget for the circle.

VLE for self employed

This is called CCFB and needs more info for this type of claim to be approved by Finance. A similar Jot form is completed and the claimant submits an invoice. Payments are made every few days, there is no monthly deadline.

Cash advance

Sometimes during rebellion, we advance to a BH or a trusted individual a cash amount that they can use, from a rebellion budget. They must maintain records of what they have spent and submit/collect receipts. This is the same as for goods or services but payment is in advance.

VLE reviews

VLE reviews should be conducted every 3 months within a circle which is eligible for receiving funds from XRUK. The principle is to ensure transparency and accountability and to review any new requests.

How to make queries - general enquiries - payments - VLE and payroll - budgets - account queries

Queries should go to these emails in the first instance unless it’s urgent than you can contact a member of Finance direct.