In brief, the IBG decides how to allocate unrestricted funds to strategic projects and also restricted funds as appropriate. Here is the IBG's mandate.

Unrestricted funds are those raised by Fundraising through a fundraiser website or by XR's Regular Giving through standing orders, where donations may be used for any reasonable XR UK purpose. Separate from that, a donor may make a 1 off donation that is unrestricted or for a specific part or process within XR, when it becomes restricted. If the specified purpose is already being funded by unrestricted funds, then the IBG with approval from Finance can simply increase the amount available from unrestricted funds,

Advice from SOS is that the IBG's mandate could be presented better with clearer sections on Purpose, Accountabilities and Domains and that work is in progress. It will also include reviewing the mandates of the Finance and Fundraising circles to ensure all 3 circles are best placed in XR's structure.