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Inducting your new rebels: Checklist


Checklist template

This checklist template is a tool you can use to keep track of how far through the onboarding process your rebels are and what to give them next. Go to File > make a copy and save a sheet for your team. The stages listed there are our suggested ones but you can make it your own. (Hover your cursor over the headings for more information.)

Key induction materials

1. Volunteer Agreement

This covers our Priciples and Values and Data Protection agreement. It is good to send this early and check the rebel has signed it (digitally), particularly if the rebel is likely to have access to other people's personal details. Ask them to forward you the email confirmation when they've signed it.

2. Rebel Starter Pack

The Rebel Starter Pack is the first resource that can be sent to all Rebels who have just begun their journey with XR.

It's designed to answer questions such as:-

  • "I have just arrived; what are the key things I need to know?"
  • "Where do I start to understand what is going on in XR?"
  • "What is XR?"

It covers:-

  • our 3 Demands
  • our 10 Principles and Values
  • 'Heading For Extinction' Talk
  • why we use nonviolent direct action
  • how to get started as a Rebel
  • climate grief resources
  • online meeting basics
  • Rebellion Academy
  • XR structure
  • Glossary

3. Welcome to XR online sessions

introduction to XR sessions FB

These sessions are currently run on a weekly basis via Zoom and are about 1.5 hours long.

Included are:

  • NVDA introduction - why we are nonviolent
  • 3 demands
  • 10 Principles and Values
  • how to join a Local Group, a Community Group and a little about the Volunteer Website

Use the lnk in the heading above, or register directly via this Zoom link.

4. Rebel Next Steps Pack

This is designed for Rebels who have already begun their journey with XR and are now looking for more detail about how XR works, how they can participate and which trainings might help them.

It covers:-

  • what our Principles and Values mean in practice
  • Inclusivity
  • Regenerative culture
  • our learning resources
  • our communication tools
  • four main types of rebel they might identify with; resources and trainings relevant to each