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Inviting Rebels to the Hub and Mattermost

New Rebels can find out about using the XR Communications Hub here.

Ask the Group Admin) for your group / team to send a Hub invite to your new Rebel member using their personal email address. If you don't have a Group Admin / don't know who your Group Admin is, then please email letting Tech know what you need, i.e. the name of your Group Admin or your Regional Admin.

If you have more than one new Rebel member, multiple invites can be sent in one go, just make sure you put each new Rebel's email address on a new line in the invite box. You can also add a personal message to your invitees in the Message box. (See image below)


Here are two short videos to help your New Rebels get onto the Hub and start using Mattermost:-

  • How to accept your Hub invite which creates your accounts for The Hub/Mattermost/Forum/Cloud - watch here

  • How to get onto Mattermost for the first time and set up your notifications - watch here