The Foundation Programme [Integrator Handbook]

The Foundation Programme has been designed to do a lot of the onboarding work for you! Invite your new rebels to take part.

Please see The Foundation Programme book on the Rebel Toolkit for the information that students receive on applying.

The programme comprises :-

Send your new team members this link to apply.

We have received positive feedback from our students:-

“Very informative and very welcoming”

“I was inspired and motivated by this course”

“I found the course very useful as a grounding to XR ( I wish I had done it earlier, I would have been better prepared for some actions) and to help me find where I could contribute in the working groups.”

“having now started to engage with SOS (Self-Organsing System team), I see that a lot of the training I did has put me in a very good position to understand most of what's going on in meetings”.

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