• Emphasise the fact that, ultimately, this is a time of international crisis and nothing else will matter if we and future generations all die.

  • Make your letter emotive; express how you feel. Your MP is a human being, so maybe you will move them. Think of the children…but also keep it polite!

  • Writing to your MP tends to work better if you have a specific request. If they give you a general answer, write back highlighting that original request!

  • Keep writing! Some MPs might try to fob you off with a general letter on the environment, sometimes even sending the same letter twice! Don’t let this dishearten you, maintain the pressure and they will be forced to engage with your concerns!

  • If you can, try to balance the negative with the positive. If you like some of what your MP has said or done for your local area, or something to do with national politics, then say that! But remember to bring it back to your original point of concern.

  • Try not to mention Extinction Rebellion. MP's may not support 'brands'. MPs are far more likely to respond if your concerns are individual. By all means, copy from this document, but make sure the impression your MP will get is that you are simply a concerned resident, and not some troublesome activist out to save the world!

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