Looking after your Rebels

On the frontline of activism we are confronted with many feelings. The impacts of the events, both positive and negative, can have long-lasting and wide-reaching effects on the individuals involved.

The action doesn’t end when you leave the site and go home; there could be social implications with court cases with rebels requiring legal support, and the impact on family or work. Simultaneously, the emotional journey can unfold in subtle ways. A crash in adrenaline can make people feel isolated, alienated or estranged, filled with self-doubt or even shame. The extent of the impact may not be apparent in the immediate aftermath of the action, and often can build over time if it is ignored.

Make sure to have support structures in place for your rebels in the days and weeks after rebellion. Drop-in lunch hours, full debriefs, making sure every rebel gets a phone call to check in, all these things and more!

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