Movement Communication - Make your group visible

For XR to be successful it needs good communication; across the movement and to the public. When communication is consistent in language, formatting and platform, it is easier to understand and disseminate. It becomes instantly recognisable as the XR voice and it fits within the wider context of the movement.

M&M Support

M&M can offer communications support with the following (where capacity allows):

Group visibility

Does the movement know your group exists and what you do?

Share what you're doing

Join the Live Action Content chat on Telegram to share with the rest of the movement your latest news (with a selection of your best photos and videos).

Contact the XR UK M&M team

🔹 Media & Messaging: Mattermost Reception

🔹 Social Media:

🔹 Email / Newsletter: Mattermost Reception

🔹 Press:

🔹 Video:

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