Global Media Library

The XR Global Media Library is at

It has sections on:

  • Audio
  • Graphic Design & Artwork
  • Guides
  • Photography
  • Video

Documentation for the Global Media Library is in the library itself under Guides.

It also contains a few Media and Messaging guides that are not in the folder described on the M&M How To Guides Stored Elsewhere page.

There is another media library for Breaking News at .

And an archive of material from 2018 to 2020 at

Other Locations

Arts resources are also stored in other places.

There are lots of arts resources on the UK Cloud at /Library/Basecamp Library/Art Designs and assets. Posters, leaflets, the Design Programme and more.

The UK Cloud is also a place to publish your own work for other rebels to use.

See also the Art shelf on the Rebel Toolkit.