Rebel Ringing

Rebel ringing enables meaningful one-to-one conversations with rebels that have already given XR their details.

It allows us to inform and engage a selection of rebels on a subject of our choice and at scale is a hugely powerful tool.

The subject matter for the conversation can be for example:

  • inviting rebels to an upcoming talk, training or action in their area
  • a more general check-in about XR and their engagement with it
  • or specific mobilisation towards the next big rebellion in London

Rebel Ringers have a choice between working independently from home which is perfect for rebels with limited time, or to ramp it up and have a regular weekly Rebel Ringing sessions known as phonebanking parties, where rebels come together to share food and make calls.

We can empower those who come to the sessions to host their own parties by having the systems in place to support them and make the whole process as easy as possible.

Phonebanking Party

It all starts with a regular weekly phonebanking party. There is a document for how to host a party with all the details, training and links needed here .

This party should be advertised through as many channels as you have available: a. Set it up as a regular weekly event on FB and invite the Extinction Rebellion UK Rebel Ringer’s FB page to co-host it;

b. Post about it on your whatsapp channels - both broadcast and any local groups;

c. Set it up as a regular event in your basecamp areas;

d. Make sure AG co-ordinators know about it;

e. Advertise it in your local XR newsletter.

f. Send an email on Action Network (or however you usually send emails to your whole list).

When people come to a party for the first time, they are registered as a Rebel Ringer on Action Network using this link.

This automatically triggers an email with the Rebel Ringer Starter Pack.

Once registered onto this site, they are provided with the numbers to call and a script for the current campaign and are free to get ringing.

The Starter Pack also encourages Rebel Ringers to join the FB page and the Whatsapp peer-to-peer support group.

At the end of the party, once they’ve appreciated the ease and meaningful nature of the calls and generally had a wonderful time, they are encouraged by the host to ask their friends to the next event.

They are also encouraged to host their own regular party.

This is then added to the list of local Rebel Ringing events, using all the methods above and voila, you have a marvelous contagious spiral of rebel ringing spreading throughout the country!

If a new host volunteers themselves it is very important to add them to the list that can be found here.

Your local group’s first Rebel Ringing party

Before the first regular rebel ringing event, a campaign for the local group’s ringers to work on, needs to be decided upon.

The default option is calling all the local rebels who have recently signed up to be on the XR database in order to engage them about how to get involved in your local area.

Ask to make any changes that make it more applicable to the local group.

See Also

For more on Rebel Ringing, a video, and the use of Action Network and CallHub, see Rebel Ringing on the "03. Community Building" shelf.