The Heading for Extinction Talk

Okay, you’re in a conversation with someone who is open to XR - what next?

Invite them to a specific event! One of the best talks is still the classic Heading for Extinction Talk (HfE). It remains one of XR’s most powerful outreach tools - it informs people about the rationale behind XR, tells the awful truth about the science and motivates people to get involved.

Due to lockdown, a special new HfE Zoom version has been created; it’s a bit shorter but it’s impact will be just as big. Each local group should aim to organise and advertise at least one HfE talk before the Rebellion. Bigger local groups should aim for three HfE talks.

What is in the HfE Talk?

How to Organise a Talk

1. Find a Speaker

Where can I get a speaker to give the talk?

Ask your regional Talks & Trainings coordinator - maybe you can organise a talk event together with other local groups in your region if you don’t have a speaker in your own local group.


Request a speaker here.

  • The HfE Talk Team internal coordinator is Martin
    Please contact him with any queries you may have about the Heading for Extinction talk.
  • The HfE Talk Team Comms and Feedback coordinator is Suzanne
    Please contact her with any feedback you may have on the talk.

2. Find a Venue

Choosing a Good Venue



3. Publicise your Event

Coming Soon.