Closed Captioning


  1. Ensure Enhanced Encryption is enabled and NOT End-to-End Encryption otherwise some features won’t be available - Here's the list

  2. Ensure you have updated your Zoom account to the latest version. Then enable Automated CC before the event in Zoom Account settings

  3. When you are in the meeting- at the bottom of your screen, select closed CC/Live Transcript. This must be done by the host of the meeting.

You or participants can always Hide Subtitles if you don't want to see them. Alternatively, once everyone has arrived, ask participants whether anyone wants them running. If they are not required, they can be turned off.

captions button.PNG


YouTube Closed Captions setting must be activated when streaming. This is found in Create Stream > Settings > Setup > Turn on Closed Captions


Turn on Closed Captions for Facebook Live broadcasts and Live Streaming- Instructions here

Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button: closed captions are available via a browser. However, be aware that CCs aren’t available if accessing a BBB meeting on a phone. BBB FAQ

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