Onboarding Handbook

**** Under construction **** This is an Onboarding Tool for Integrators from any Working Group (WG). In this handbook, you should find all the resources you need to Welcome new and existing Rebels to your WG. If the Rebel is brand new, be sure to give them the REBEL STARTER PACK. If they have some experience and knowledge, you can give them the REBEL NEXT STEPS PACK. The most important thing to remember is to be welcoming and to remind the new rebel to be persevering and patient. This handbook is being put together by the UK Rebel Pathway Team. If you have any questions or comments, PLEASE contact us on Mattermost via the UK Integrator Support channel.

Integrator Support

These resources are designed to support you, the Integrator, and to help you integrate new rebels effectively.

Integrator Support

Integrator welcome sessions from the Rebel Pathway Team

Are you an Integrator?

or thinking about becoming one...

You have come to the right place!

We have set up an Integrator drop-in meeting for anyone who has questions, comments or thoughts they want to share in relation to any part of the welcome process within XR.

To get onto Mattermost, you just need an invite to the XR Communications Hub from the Tech Champion of your team. So make sure that happens as soon as possible so that you can start following what's going on! And check out the Mattermost Training on the Rebellion Academy.

Mattermost is our main platform for communication
On here, you can find channels for various groups across the organisation and you can directly message any rebel if you know their handle. We use Mattermost for chat, short conversations, questions and cat gifs. Mattermost connects us across the globe!

Join us - we look forward to meeting you.

Integrator Support

Guide for Integrators

In April 2020, the UK Integration Team (Communities Circle) launched the XR UK Volunteers Website (roles board) where groups across XR UK can sign up for accounts and post roles. (If your team is UK level, you can also search a database of volunteers.) This replaced a system where the central UK Integration team found volunteers for teams. Start on the Integrator homepage.


The UK Integration team has now merged with the Rebel Pathway team, but we are still here to support you!

Guidance for Working Groups

We recommend that each team has one or two friendly, empathetic integrators who understand the needs of the team and can post roles and onboard new Rebels.

Guidance for Integrators

Advertise your roles on the Volunteer Website

The website is simple to use. Please watch our short training video, which will show you how to set up your account, post roles and monitor applications. How to use the website is described in detail in the next page Recruiting for your Team - Volunteer Website.

If you get stuck at any point, please contact the UK Rebel Pathway team on volunteer@extinctionrebellion.org.uk. Put ‘Integrator Question’ in your heading to help us respond to you a.s.a.p!

Once you have found a new Rebel for your team, the next section, Onboarding Roadmap, gives a suggested path to welcome and bring them into your team. Make it your own and let us know what works well so we can pass it around!

We recommend that you buddy-up newbies with a team member who will mentor them for around a month, helping them to settle in.

Personal connection is probably the single most important thing in getting people to stay!

Onboarding Checklist


This checklist is a tool you can use to keep track of how far through the onboarding process your rebels are and what to give them next. The stages listed there are our suggested ones but you can copy the spreadsheet and make it your own. (Hover your cursor over the headings for more information.)

Onboarding Roadmap

1) Contact your new Volunteer

These are the people who have applied for your advertised role on the volunteer website or people you find on the database who seem a good fit for your team.

2) Send them some initial information

Not too much! It is easy to overwhelm people at this stage. This is all your Rebel needs at the outset:-

  1. The Rebel Starter Pack, which includes the Heading for Extinction talk.

  2. Volunteer Agreement (Principles & Values and data protection) - ask them to sign digitally and send you a screen shot of the confirmation.

  3. An invite to your next working group meeting.

  4. This Roadmap (optional) can help Rebels to see what to expect, where they are in the induction process and to proactively request next steps.

3) First Working Group Meeting
4) Induction / orientation

Tailored to your team and staggered according to your Rebel. It is best to let them absorb one thing before moving onto the next.

5) Direct them towards concrete tasks

Super important for volunteer retention! People are more likely to stick around when they feel valued and affirmed.

6) Check in, check progress

Try to have a weekly call with your new Rebels.

7) Invite them to a circle meeting (optional)
8) Final debrief / allocation of role

After about a month, most new Rebels will feel like they have an understanding of XR and how things are structured. You have now shared your skills and contacts - this marks the end of your guidance!

Have a Zoom Meeting to debrief;

Every rebel journey will have a slightly different conclusion; please take some time to reflect on your experience.

Integrator Support

Introductions to XR for new Rebels

When we first join XR

As you probably know, it can be slightly overwhelming joining XR - so much to learn, so many new faces, all that XR jargon and even a new structure to work around. And this is on top of the anger, frustration or desperation we feel because we face the Global catastrophy of climate change as a result of systemic injustice and racial inequality, the effects of which are already being felt all over the world. It can be a lot to process.

But feelings of being overwhelmed are avoidable.

Our regenerative culture reminds us that we are 'Creating a culture which is healthy, resilient and adaptable' (principle 4) and that we 'Welcome everyone and every part of everyone' (principle 6). However, sometimes we forget to welcome new Rebels into XR simply because we are often so involved in a project which is taking all our time and attention.

For this reason, we should have an Integrator in each of our teams - to welcome new Rebels and to make sure that existing Rebels are finding their way on their journey through XR.

Integrators have a really important task and it has been widely understood that this task is made easier if Integrators get support too. That is why we are putting together this onboarding handbook and why we have set up a few ways to help reduce the burden on integrators - we want to empower you as integrators.

Three Introductions to XR for new Rebels

1. Welcome to XR online sessions

introduction to XR sessions FB

These sessions are currently run on a weekly basis via Zoom.

Send new Rebels to this online session, which is about 1.5 hours long.

Included are:

You can also send new Rebels to Register directly via this Zoom link.

2. Buddy Programme

XR Buddies is a 4-week programme for new rebel onboarding. Its aim is to help new rebels feel connected and empowered within XR through conversations and building new relationships.

Week 1 - Introductory video call

Week 2 - Thinking about the questions we ask

Week 3 - Why regenerative culture is important to XR

Week 4 - Where do we go from here?

It is not meant to replace training or orientation; it is a safe space for new rebels to connect and engage with other new rebels and their buddy.

Please encourage your new rebels to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to develop their support network within the community.

For any questions, please drop the XR Buddies team a note in Mattermost: https://organise.earth/uk/channels/xr-buddies-reception

3. Rebel Starter Packs

Linked below is the Rebel Starter Pack. This is the best resource for a new Rebel joining the movement. Take a browse through it if you don't know it. You can forward it via email to your new rebels if they joined remotely, or use it at a welcome session with your group. Rebel Starter Pack

This pack linked below is designed for Rebels who have a good idea of what XR is about and they are looking to find out more - they want to take their next steps moving forwards within XR. Rebel Next Steps Pack

Integrator Support

Recruiting for your team: Volunteer Website


This website is a volunteering roles board for Extinction Rebellion UK


The website aims to help volunteers find roles and groups to find volunteers. (We've used the term 'volunteer' throughout rather than 'rebel' as it is better understood by people completely new to XR.)

This is the Integrator Home page for teams looking for volunteers here. You can see the page for volunteers looking for a role here.

Preparing for new people

Before you even start recruiting, think about how you will look after the people when they arrive. New people often find XR quite bewildering and overwhelming! To minimise the chances they disappear as fast as they arrive, they will need a bit of extra care and attention at the start (typically for around a month). It is best this work falls to someone who is not frazzled from doing a ton of other things and typically this will be the team's integrator.

Standard Integrator mandate

Purpose: to make sure team members are flourishing and productive and the team has members to fill its roles and support its workload.

Different teams break this down differently (for example you might have one person handling recruitment and a different one for onboarding) but someone will need to be responsible for each of the tasks listed above. Work out who will do what ahead of time so everyone is clear about what to expect.

Not got a team Integrator?

Then this is the first role to recruit for! You may think this person would need to know your team inside out in order to welcome others but really the most important thing is for them to be friendly, empathetic and willing to learn as they go along. There are lots of resources on this toolkit to help them.

However it is important you get to know them before giving them login details to your group account on the website since this is a position of great trust and involves handling sensitive personal data (see down this page for Data Protection).

Setting up a team account

New rebels are the lifeblood of every team! We need the energy and fresh perspective they give us to keep growing and learning; so please do use the website to help you. To get started, you will need to get a group account. Here's how:

  1. Go to volunteer.extinctionrebellion.uk/integrator
  2. Watch the short (7 min) video which explains how the site works.
  3. Scroll down and click 'create group account'.
  4. Use your XR group's email to set up an account - this needs to be an email that is checked regularly (please note we can't take personal email addresses).
  5. The application comes to the Rebel Pathway team for approval.
  6. Once the application is approved, you will receive an email with a link to click on to complete the registration.
  7. You are up and running and ready to post roles!

Any group is welcome to apply for an account and advertise roles but, because in practice most people wanting to volunteer locally will get in touch with their local group directly, the site mainly carries UK-wide, national or regional roles.

Writing an appealing role

  1. De-jargon! Try to look through the eyes of someone who knows nothing about XR. You can explain the ‘correct’ terms for things later if needed but for now communication is key e.g:

☹ Internal coordinator, external coordinator, integrator, regen, rebel

😊 Team guide, team representative, recruiter (or new joiner support person), wellbeing, volunteer

  1. Make it accessible Volunteers rarely have both good skills and lots of time. Asking for lots of time excludes certain groups of people and makes us less diverse as a movement. Can you break down the role? e.g. Internal Coordinators often get asked to do everything!

☹ Internal coordinator (hours: full time)

😊 Team guide (hours: 10-15/week). Recruiter (hours: 2-4/week). New joiner support person (hours: 5-9/week). Wellbeing champion (hours: 2-4/week). Secretary (hours: 2-4/week). Admin helper (hours: 2/week). Facilitator (hours: 2/week). Team tech support (hours: 2-4/week).

  1. Be clear what you want someone to do, especially in the job title. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to get what you are looking for. However, if you just need more team members and plan to find out what they want to do later that's fine too! If you do this, try to have a few tasks your newbie can help with right away.

  1. Include key words in your description. Ask yourself which search words people are most likely to use if they want a role like yours.

  1. Consider type of role: do you need a permanent member of the team or could the work be done as a time-limited project? The second of these is likely to attract more people, especially those who are skill-rich but time-poor.

Managing your applications

Keeping up with your account shouldn't be too much of a chore! The website is easy to use and you just need to remember a couple of key things to make things run smoothly and bring new people into your team:

  1. Make sure you regularly check the email address you used to set up the account. If you get any applications, a notification will be sent to this email address.

  1. Use the 'action' column to let volunteers know what is going on after they apply. Clicking here sends an automatic email. Try to use the first 'thumbs up' when you get their application to tell people you've received it and know they are waiting

  1. Contact your volunteers! This is super important; no one wants to offer their time for free and then hear nothing. This might be the first contact they have had with XR and can determine whether they become an enthusiastic contributor to the movement or someone who goes away and complains about us to their friends!

  1. Don't be scared to say 'no'. Not everyone is suitable for every role; it has to work out for both the volunteer and the team. Of course you can still say 'no' nicely! If after chatting to your 'applicant' you don't think they are suitable for your role maybe you can suggest some other ways they can get involved in XR. You may not get a new team member but you can still help to grow the movement. (see 'Calling volunteers' below)

  1. Make sure you delete or hide any roles you've filled or don't need anymore. This stops the site clogging up with unavailable roles and saves you time contacting people who might apply for them.

    (NB roles time-out after two months and then are hidden automatically. If you want to re-advertise the role you can un-hide it and it will reappear on the site but it will carry its orginal posting date so if you want it to appear near the top you will need to set up a new role)

  1. Urgent roles: if your role is genuinely urgent, please email admin support at volunteer@extinctionrebellion.org.uk - we have the ability to bring these roles to the top of the list and give them a yellow highlight so that more people see them.

Searching for volunteers on the database

NB This option is currently only open to UK-wide teams due to data protection. Also, you will usually get a more enthusiatic and committed rebel from letting people apply for your roles. However, if you are struggling to find people and need a search, please email user support at volunteer@extinctionrebellion.org.uk.

If you are in a UK-wide team and are not getting suitable applications for your role, the first step is to do a quick sense-check: is it obvious what your role is and who it is for? If yes, then maybe you want to try a search of the database. Log in to your account and go to 'Volunteer Database' in the lefthand menu. You can search for volunteers by hours offered, prefered type of work, prefered location of work and by any search term you enter (this searches the volunteer's whole profile.)

Calling volunteers

We know this can be a little nerve-wracking at first: how do you work out if this person is right for your role in just a short call? But don't worry - really it's just talking to good people with integrity. We do it all the time and this is no different. You can’t mess it up if you're open, enthusiastic and honest and “I don’t know” is a perfectly good answer - just determine if you think they’re a good rebel and a good fit to the best of your knowledge.

ALSO If the person isn’t right or doesn’t feel right, it is fine to end the call early and say "we will get in touch again when something that will suit better comes up", and advise them to go and investigate roles at their Local Group, or even to set one up. Be gentle and end positively and that is totally fine - not every rebel can do every role after all.

Here is a suggested roadmap to help when you start making calls:
  1. Read your volunteer's profile and application message (if applicable). Get a little excited about speaking to an amazing person who may be able to help.

  2. Dial

  3. If no answer, either leave a voicemail or send a text/telegram/whatsapp.

  4. If they answer, give a clear enthusiastic intro:

“Hi XXX, it’s XXX here with Extinction Rebellion, XXX team. I’m calling because you [put your hand up for volunteering with us/applied for our XXX role]. Is now a good time to chat?” Let them answer.

  1. If 'no', arrange a time to call them back.
  2. If 'yes', ask some open questions to get them talking. You want to gain their full attention and start collecting clues about them and if they’d be good for your role/s. Let them talk and hope they don’t ramble on too much or start telling you exactly where XR are going wrong and asking to meet the management. (Listen carefully for disruptive behaviour / vocabulary.)

Example questions

“How are you feeling about the CEE bill?”

“How are you feeling about XR?”

“What do you know about organising with XR?”

  1. Once they are right there with you in the conversation (and haven’t revealed themselves to be a flat earther), build some RAPPORT - maybe share a similar anecdote and relate to their experiences. So, ask questions you can relate to but keep it heading in the right direction.

Example questions

“So are you in a Local Group?” Listening. “Wow yeah mine too; they’re amazing and the Council has now declared a Climate Emergency”

“Do you have mates (volunteering) in XR too?” Listening. “Great - how's their experience, are they finding it rewarding?” Listening.

“Did you see that the EU have now declared a Climate Emergency?”

THEN ASK “So have you joined a Rebellion or Action yet?” Listening. “Wow yeah I was at XXXX action and met the most incredible people” OR “Well don’t worry we have plenty of roles that don’t require you to [Go to London for 2 weeks / Get in trouble with the Law] - like the one I’m calling about”.

  1. Now find out about their background and skills. Use open or closed (yes/no) questions depending on how keen they are and how long you have to chat to them etc.

Example questions

CLOSED: “So I saw you had Accounting skills, which we’d love to bring to our XXXX team. Is that true?” OPEN: “So I saw you had Accounting skills, which we’d love to bring to our XXXX team; can you tell me about that?”

CLOSED: “So have you ever managed social media accounts?” OPEN: “So what’s your experience with Twitter, Facebook, Insta and such?”

CLOSED: “Have you done much copywriting?” OPEN: “Are you someone who’s good with words and writing?”

  1. You can use alternative questioning if you have a few roles that you want to narrow down, e.g. “Would you say you’re more of a tech person or an arts person?”

  2. Once you get a rough idea of what they are about and their strengths and specific skills, ALWAYS ASK: “How confident are you with using apps & technology to communicate?” THEN ask “And how much time do you expect to have to commit to tackling the climate emergency most weeks?”

  3. If all has gone well and you think they are a match for your role, then you can give an overview of the team and what sort of thing they would be doing in the role.
    "You’d be doing XXXX and working with a great team on XXXX project/action/topic. How does that sound?” Let them think.

  4. DISCUSS TIME COMMITMENT. The rebel needs to be comfortable in understanding that the time required is something they can offer, or it's simply not a fit. They are then likely to drop out in a few weeks having cost your beloved team time and effort. That said, it can be hard to gauge and we have to go with our gut here often. Do stress that they don’t have to solve everything on their own and that they will have great supportive people around them.

  5. If they need specific technical skills, DIG DEEPER on those now. Likewise, if you have reservations on time commitment, personality, commitment or anything else, follow your instincts here.

  6. If you're happy then lay out what will happen next (but minimise barriers to entry).

  7. Handle any last questions they have but feel free to say they're best off speaking to the person you're passing them on to.

  8. Wrap up. “Great that's fantastic and I can't wait to introduce you to the team.” Thank them for stepping up to volunteer.


Data Protection

It is of course important to be aware that you are handling people's personal data and to treat it with respect. The data on the site is protected by website security and should not be copied elsewhere unless strictly necessary, in which case it should be deleted as soon as possible. All integrators should read and understand our Data Protection Policy

Site support is available by emailing volunteer@extinctionrebellion.org.uk

This website has been set up by the UK Rebel Pathway team and is maintained by the UK Rebel Pathway and UK Digital teams.

Information updated Jan 2021 by @hazelg

Integrator Support

Supporting your new Rebel

Access needs

Gather your new rebel's access needs and safeguarding concerns.
These may include any disclosed disability that might affect their participation in our community (such as the use of assistive technologies to read emails and the web) as well as participation in events (such as physical access needs, mental-health issues and dietary or other invisible needs).
Gathering this information must always take account of someone's right not to disclose anything, as well as their need of proper support if they do disclose something.

Safeguarding concerns

Safeguarding is a legal requirement for any organisation, and we need to make sure that we know if anyone in our community might be classed as vulnerable. And, in particular, whether anyone has disclosable safeguarding concerns (i.e. failed DBS checks).
If you find any safeguarding concerns, you must pass them on to the appropriate people within XR. This means that (a) support plans can be correctly drawn up where needed, and (b) other Rebels can be protected from anyone who might harm them, either deliberately or accidentally.

Support and Peer Groups

Provide connections to appropriate groups for support

Support Plan

Produce a support plan if needed. Once you have gathered any needs the new Rebel has for support, you should provide them with a support plan to assure them what we want them to take part and have provided them with the support they need to do this.
Integrator Support

Climate Anxiety Resources

Climate anxiety is on the rise.

Here are some resources to help Rebels deal with or work through these emotions.

When we welcome new Rebels and ask them if they have experienced 'the Grief' it's a rarity if someone doesn't put their hand up. Asking people openly about this is a way of voicing how we feel and why we are part of this movement. It's part of our regenrative culture to do so. However not everyone is comfortable sharing personal feelings and working through some of these emotions with a trained Rebel may be best.

In the Rebel Starter Pack there is a section about dealiung with Climate Grief and Anxiety. The lonk to this section of the book is here:

If you, or a Rebel you know is showing signs of distress it is certainly worth knowing that these resources exist and are free and are provided by the Trained Emotional Support Network.

Below is what the page on the Rebel Starter Pack says:

Going through the serious, very real and painful emotions associated with Climate Grief and Anxiety is difficult. Across the Globe, we aren't alone.

Extinction Rebellion has a team which is part of a T.E.S.N. Trained Emotional Support Network. It can help to talk about our feelings of grief or hopelessness. Contact the team to arrange a phone call.

email: rebel2rebel@xr-tesn.uk

If you feel the information you wish to share is particularly sensitive please use:


The Climate Psychology Alliance are offering therapy to Rebels and other activists. Further information can be found on their website, link is below Individual Therapeutic Support

Main XRUK website: XRUK has a page dedicated to this also:

XRUK Main page

Integrator Support

We are everyone

This page is in progress and some of the documents below currently give similar information.

Good practice in communicating with disabled rebels

This is a guide to issues which affect different groups of people with impairments in terms of communication

XR Accessibility

This Accessibility Guidance works from the premise that All in XR actively work and support all XR spaces (including, but not limited to - Meetings, Events, Actions, In-person and online) to be spaces liberated from Oppression, Marginalisation and Exclusion for all; this gives specific attention to peoples oppressed, marginalised, excluded by structural violence, the systemic toxicity of societies institutions and agents of governance and its implementation, and the unconscious collusion during our upbringing and engagement with society and its institutions and media.

Diversity & Inclusivity at Actions - CHECKLIST

Extinction Rebellion is committed to equality and to enabling people who have been marginalised by systemic oppression to act now and give their message in solidarity.

These guidelines are designed to be practical and manageable and will ensure diversity and inclusivity is embedded in action planning and design. This Checklist splits the actions into two types:

Inclusivity and XR

In order to build an inclusive approach towards involving all sections of society in the struggle to highlight the Climate Emergence, all actions, meetings, training, workshops and talks should be inclusive as far as it is possible to make them.
Here are the XR Principles of Inclusivity, which every group/team needs to adhere to (whenever possible). paying particular attention to five activity areas:

If groups/teams can't make their events inclusive, they need to show that they have made all attempts to make them so and also show any alternatives that they have made. They should also be able to give valid reasons why their events can't be inclusive. If you feel that a local group isn't considering suitable venues and therefore is removing barriers to inclusivity, then please raise this with the regional coordinator.

Integrator Support

Building Healthy and Empowered Teams

This workshop and guide were developed because “there's no such thing as a structureless group", as explained by Jo Freeman in her text, 'The Tyranny of Structureless'.

The book Building Healthy and Empowered Teams includes the following sections:-

Integrator Support

Adding Rebels to the Comms Hub

New Rebels can find out about the XR Communications Hub here on the 'Technology is Your Friend' page of the Rebel Next Steps Pack.

Ask the Tech Champion for your team to email Hub invites to your new Rebels. If you are Group Admin on the Hub for your Team, you will then be able to invite people to your channels. Click on the 3 bars to the right of your Private Channel header and go to 'Invite People'.

Here are two short videos to help your New Rebels get onto the Comms Hub and start using Mattermost:-

Key Signposting

Key Signposting

Rebel Agreement (Action Rebels)

All Rebels are asked to follow our basic Agreements.

They provide a basis for trust so that both Rebels and the public know what we can expect from each other.

1. We show respect to everyone - to each other, the general public and to the government and police.

2. We engage in no violence, physical or verbal, and carry no weapons.

3. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and do not hide from the legal consequences.

4. We bring no alcohol or illegal drugs.

5. We take responsibility for ourselves; we are all crew.

We are here together until the Government acts on Our 3 Demands (link here) for necessary action on the climate and ecological emergency.

This code aims to help us attract the many people we need to make this movement effective.

Rebel Agreement title

Rebel Agreement text

Key Signposting

Rebel Starter Packs

There are two handbooks to send to new Rebels.

1. Rebel Starter Pack

The Rebel Starter Pack is the first resource that can be handed or sent to all Rebels who have just begun their journey with XR.

It's designed to answer questions such as:

Here is what you will find in it:

2. Rebel Next Steps Pack

This is designed for Rebels who have already begun their journey with XR but they are perhaps looking for a little more guidance about where they want to be within the movement, how they want to participate and which trainings might help them do this.

Here is what you will find in it:

Key Signposting

Online Meetings

Extinction Rebellion strive to use online tools which are as safe as possible for our Rebels. We also aim to use tools which have as low a carbon footprint as is possible while taking into account the needs and accessibility options of our rebels across the globe.


We usually use Zoom for our meetings and, although it's not the ideal online tool, the advantages are that most Rebels can access these meetings no matter where they are in the world. Here is a link to Zoom's Instructions so that your new Rebels can learn how to use this tool.

There's a concise summary of How Our Online Meetings Work in the Rebel Starter Pack (page 11).

Our Hand Signals for Online Meetings

Your New Rebels will also get a reminder of the hand signals we use when they read the Facilitation section of the Healthy Teams page in the Rebel Next Steps Pack.


Facilitating Successful Online Meetings

The Healthy Teams page of the Rebel Next Steps Pack includes other key information for facilitating successful team meetings:-

Key Signposting

Volunteer Agreement

Extinction Rebellion (XR) UK Volunteer Agreement Link

When you organise or take action in the name of Extinction Rebellion you agree to hold yourself to the following:

1. Data Protection Agreement

Dear Rebels, we’re grateful you’re here.

Adhering to a set of principles for how we handle data will ensure we build trust between ourselves and other organisations.

As a volunteer you’ll both provide, and be privy to, confidential or sensitive information, including individuals’ personally identifiable data (i.e. name, telephone number and email).

It is important you keep that information secure and confidential and use it only for the purpose for which it was provided, with the consent of the individual.

As Rebels, we need to treat our Data the way we do one another and our planet, with love and care. So, we’re gonna keep it simple, with three principles to wrap our Data in:

Protect, Consent, Choose

If you bear these three principles in mind, when handling yours or others’ Data, we’ll be in a safe place.

As a Rebel, I agree to the following:

Extinction Rebellion Privacy Policy Link

Compassionate Revolution Ltd is the “data owner”. This link will take you to the page of the this 'data ownner'.

I will:

* I will read and comply with Extinction Rebellion’s Policies and Procedures for handling data (and understand these may be updated from time to time).

2. Spreadsheet Risk Management

As a radically transparent network, it is important to take control of your own data and for all of us to be responsible for our own decisions.

Spreadsheets are for internal purposes only and signing this agreement, which is also a prerequisite for access and editing rights, makes it unlawful to share spreadsheets and any personal data publicly.

Despite this safeguard, it is important to be aware that there’s a risk that spreadsheets could be leaked into the public domain and receive media attention.

Further, there are risks - we think they are low - involved with your info being entered into a spreadsheet where people could be identified as “organisers” - different legal charges can apply, see link above.

There are no specific information requirements for spreadsheets; you have control over what contact details you share, options are: name/nickname, phone number/dedicated sim/phone, email/dedicated secure email address; i.e. you could input a dedicated phone number, but not your name etc.

3. Principles and Values

  1. We have a shared vision of change: creating a world that is fit for generations to come.

  2. We set our mission on what is necessary: mobilising 3.5% of the population to achieve system change – using ideas such as “Momentum-driven organising” to achieve this.

  3. We need a regenerative culture: creating a culture which is healthy, resilient and adaptable.

  4. We openly challenge ourselves and our toxic system: leaving our comfort zones to take action for change.

  5. We value reflecting and learning: following a cycle of action, reflection, learning, and planning for more action. Learning from other movements and contexts as well as our own experiences.

  6. We welcome everyone and every part of everyone: working actively to create safer and more accessible spaces.

  7. We actively mitigate for power: breaking down hierarchies of power for more equitable participation.

  8. We avoid blaming and shaming: we live in a toxic system, but no one individual is to blame.

  9. We are a non-violent network: using non-violent strategy and tactics as the most effective way to bring about change.

  10. We are based on autonomy and decentralisation: we collectively create the structures we need to challenge power.

Key Signposting

Guide to Rebellion Academy

Key Signposting


Rebellion Academy DNA trainings

The DNA page in the Rebel Next Steps Pack signposts new rebels to the DNA trainings on the Rebellion Academy (in the Basics Trainings section). These trainings will give your new Rebels an amazing grounding in XR - why we do what we do and how we go about doing it.

'Understanding XR' Workshops

The 'Understanding XR' workshops are just the best place to send new rebels. Look out on the UK Townsquare on Mattermost and the Events page of the Website for these workshops run by Talks & Trainings:-

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More Onboarding Resources

More Onboarding Resources

Building Onboarding into your Team

Welcoming new rebels is not the job of the integrator or the internal coordinator or any one person. Welcoming new rebels must be a part of everybody’s role within a group.

We know that one of the main reasons that rebels stay with XR is that they find a community with us. So how can we ensure that we are as welcoming to as many people, and different people as possible?

The Job of Welcoming

It is not an integrators job to welcome new rebels It is an integrators job to find, contact and induct new rebels into the team. It is the team's job to welcome them!

Make Sure:

  1. A team member steps up to have a 1-1 chat with the new rebel in their first week!
  2. A team member steps up to be the new Rebel's "Point Person" or "Buddy" for their first few weeks. That single port of call if the new rebel has any questions.
  3. The team invites the new rebels to any social gatherings coming up or any activities they may wish to join.
    • (This is especially important if you organise in multiple chats, ensuring they know whats happening)

New Rebel in the Chat!

When a new Rebel is added to your chat (Mattermost, Signal, Whatsapp...) make sure to say hi and welcome them. Make sure they know the purpose of various chats and where they can ask for help.

A Rebel's First Meeting


  1. Ensure that the team has included their roles in their screen names or start off with a round of names and role descriptions.
  2. Have a least one person offer to stay behind to check in with the new Rebel, see how they found their first meeting and if they have any questions.


  1. Use hundreds of acronyms and XR jargon! Try to have someone there to call people out on their jargon and ask them to define things.

This page was written by @Raenyah please contact me if you have any questions or think something needs to be added.

More Onboarding Resources

Rebel Support

Where can Rebels Get Support?

Please signpost your New Rebels to the Book Where can I get support? in the Rebel Next Steps Pack. where they can access information on:-

What if there's conflict?

XR has developing a range of materials to help teams deal with conflict. Conflict isn't, of itself, necessarily a bad thing when we're trying to expose deeply-held problems and find ways to solve them. But conflict can become harmful - and when harm is done, it needs resolving.

You may be asked to take part in a conflict-resolution process by your Local Group, or Region or Nationally depending on the scope of your roles. This may be because you've been a party to the conflict, or because you're outside it and may be able to help resolve it.

If you are part of a group with conflicts that they can't resolve easily, here are some resources that may be useful:

Please check your New Rebels have read the book How we expect Rebels to behave in the Rebel Next Steps Pack.

More Onboarding Resources

Citizens' Assembly

This guide was written by the Extinction Rebellion Citizens’ Assemblies Working Group Version 1.1, 25 June 2019

Within this Guide you will find answer to questions such as:

You will also find examples of Citizen's Assemblies across the Globe from:

The Guide also includes:

More Onboarding Resources

Guide to Reset TV

More Onboarding Resources

Remote Rebels - outside Mattermost

More Onboarding Resources

Internal Newsletter

'Inside XR UK' is a newsletter written to keep those with roles in UK Support WGs or Regional WGs in the loop

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