Rebellion Academy DNA trainings

The DNA page in the Rebel Next Steps Pack signposts new rebels to the DNA trainings on the Rebellion Academy (in the Basics Trainings section). These trainings will give your new Rebels an amazing grounding in XR - why we do what we do and how we go about doing it.

  • DNA Strategy: Rebels will learn about the core theory and strategy behind Extinction Rebellion. How might we achieve social change?
  • DNA Structure (SOS basics): Rebels can find out about how XR organises, communicates and makes decisions.

'Understanding XR' Workshops

The 'Understanding XR' workshops are just the best place to send new rebels. Look out on the UK Townsquare on Mattermost and the Events page of the Website for these workshops run by Talks & Trainings:-

  • Understanding XR's Story: Exploring the strategic import of XR’s Narrative. How we share our message is crucial to moving people to support and join us. This workshop is a chance for rebels, old and new, to review the story so far, the key elements in reaching out to the wider public, and explore how we should be telling our story in today’s world.
  • Empowering the Movement (SOS Basics): How we mitigate concentration of power and organise in XR using Self Organising Systems. This covers the basics of the XR Self-Organising System (SOS), shows the structure of XR and the various groups and teams within it and explains how and why they operate in a Self-Organising System.