General Culture and Expectations



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The XRUK communication services are intended to foster an open and welcoming environment where the Culture reflects XR's ten Principals and Values (

We ask all contributors and site maintenance volunteers to have care for the community, offering a harassment-free space for all to participate, embracing our unique differences. We cultivate this respect for each other, both within project spaces and in the wider public arena when we represent the XR community.

Contributory Behaviours

Behaviours that we think will contribute to an inclusive environment include:

  • Using welcoming and inclusive language

  • Being respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences

  • Being willing to engage with feedback (constructive criticism)

  • Focusing on what might most be in service of the community as a whole

  • Cultivating curiosity and an empathic awareness towards other community members

  • Asking a buddy to read over posts before we send them out, particularly when responding to provocative or passionate posts.

Negative Behaviours

Behaviours that are likely to be divisive and may contribute to an 'exclusive' environment include:

  • 'Isms' & reverse 'isms' -- we are not up for sexism, racism, classism, anti-islamism, anti-semitism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. Because most of us have things to learn about these, we will inevitably get things wrong: try not to make assumptions. It generally helps to be open to listening, and learning if you are challenged about something.

  • Public or private harassment including trolling, insulting/derogatory comments, and personal or political attacks

  • Publishing others' private information without explicit permission

  • Other conduct which could reasonably be considered inappropriate in a professional setting.

XR is willing to exercise a responsibility to remove contributions that we determine as not aligned to this culture, or to ban temporarily or permanently any contributor for any other behaviour deemed, in consultation, to be inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful

Etiquette when posting messages

When posting (anywhere) online please remember:

  • Be respectful -- people are different -- we all have strengths and weaknesses and different backgrounds - find out about them.

  • Use 'I' statements.

  • Practice compassion by putting yourself in others' shoes.

Be Aware of the Audience

Posting a message in the Town Square in Mattermost or in top level Category forums in Discourse will notify a large chunk of the entire XR network, so please:

  • Consider how relevant your post would be to all of those people.

  • If posting in these areas try to keep your message short.

If you are tempted to write a really long (more than 500 words) post, or you are writing to a specific individual (or small group), or if a thread has become a long discussion, then please consider whether the subcategory or channel you are in is the best place to keep the discussion going. Please consider sending a personal message, moving the discussion into the right subcategory on Discourse, scheduling a conference call, having a phone call, or meeting face-to-face.

However, if you really think your post is relevant to the discussion for everyone watching it, then please post it!

Make use of 'Reactions' on Mattermost and 'Retorts' on on UK Forum (click the smiley face below the post) to select an icon expressing your comment on a post without cluttering up the thread with 'me too' posts. If you want to make it more likely that a particular person reads your post, @mention them.

Conflicts and Enforcement

It is all-too-easy for misunderstandings to happen online -- if things don't feel good then consider the matter offline. If you need support or ideas about what to do if you are struggling, there's some info about Conflict Resilience here:
(XR Conflict Resilience System).

Having accounts on the new services isn't a right/ It holds responsibilities and it can be revoked (but hopefully it'll never come to that).

If you are concerned about behaviour, language and actions you can reach out to the small Conflict Resilience team with a short e-mail to conflict@rebellion.earthwho will support and advise as they can and explore how to contribute and support our community


Please do not

  • Rename the Town Square or Off-Topic channels

  • Rename any channels without the prior agreement of the people in them

  • Archive any channels without the prior agreement of everyone in them. Archiving is a one-way process: once a channel is archived, the only way to get it back is for the global system administrator to get it back from backup (and he is busy!).

  • Create channels without the prior agreement of the team the channel is in (usually by discussing it first, in Town Square).

  • Create teams without the prior agreement of the UK team (usually by discussing it first, in UK Town Square).

  • Use Mattermost for important posts people might need to refer to later -- that's what the UK Forum is for.

UK Forum

Please use the Forum for important stuff people might need to refer to later. Chat and 'me too' posts just clutter up the discussion.

See the User Guide 'Chat or Discussion' for an explanation of the difference

UK Cloud

Please only store XR files in the cloud. You must NOT store personal files in the XR Cloud and you do not have a private personal area available.

If you see something you think shouldn't be there, please bring it to the attention of your team (perhaps by posting in your team's Mattermost channel), so they can decide whether to remove it.

Be aware of GPDR obligations and do not post any documents that contain personal information (eg email addresses or phone numbers) unless you have authorisation from the individuals concerned.

If the file in question is illegal, or might bring XR into disrepute, please report it to the system administrators as well by emailing