How to get Tech Help!

This document is a quick guide to finding Tech Help. All of us find difficulties in remembering exactly how to do things and, often, it's quicker to ask a question than plough through interminable documentation. So, what can you ask and who is best placed to answer? Read on ...

What can I ask and where?

If you have a problem with Posting on Mattermost, then Start a Post in the Tech Reception channel in the UK Team. Outline the issue and add any specific detail that explains your difficulty.

If your problem is with Mattermost Itself, then you might raise the issue with the IT Help team at XRGlobal. If you're not already a member of the XRGlobal Team, the link will automatically join you.

For queries relating to The Hub, UK Forums or UK Cloud, then place a post on the Hub Help Desk channel. Again, describe the issue as best you can to get help. Often a Screen Shot will help the support team identify and resolve the issue.

Sometimes, the question is more general than "simply" technical. In this case try the Any Question Answered channel.

And, if you are Group Admin and you have a specific Hub Group/Circle question, then go to the Hub Group Admins channel. Here your post will be answered by other Group Admins, who have most likely encountered the problem before and can offer advice.

If your query relates to Action Network, then raise the issue with the Action Network Data Team Reception.

For those of you who are Action Network Admins, post on the Action Network Admins channel.

If you want to create a website for your group, contact The Web Team - more info

Lastly, please note that posting a request in any of the above channels may not result in a satisfactory resolution of the issue. In this case please email and raise a ticket on the XR FreshDesk system. Your query will be relayed to the appropriate team.