Intro to FreshDesk instance for


When a rebel emails, the message appears on the FreshDesk instance These emails are dealt with by a number of Agents. Our FreshDesk instance allows us to audit trail responses to these queries and provide feedback to both the original enquiring rebel and the various support functions within XR UK.

Operating the XR UK FreshDesk:

As an Agent, you will get access to the instance. Normally, you will look at the current list of outstanding queries:


Any New Queries are flagged (none in above screenshot). You then select a Query to see original request - and any replies.

Here's a typical query thread:


Resolving Queries

Requests for support generally fall into one of the following:

  • Comm's and Tech - questions about Hub registration, Mattermost, etc;
  • Action Network - email database and Data Team enquiries;
  • Applications for volunteer roles;
  • Requests for removal of user information;
  • Other general enquiries.

Often, a reply to the original email will suffice, but usually it is necessary to pass on the enquiry to a specific Agent, who is associated with that issue. Occasionally, the query may need to be passed on to others, outside FreshDesk.

Further Functionality

There's an Internal Messaging function for you to pass the query on to another FreshDesk Agent. In addition, you can forward the email thread to non Agents using their own email. This is useful when responding to rebel's requests for support outside Digital (i.e. Local Group Coordinators, etc.)

To the right of the email thread is a means to categorise the query, define the status of the query (i.e. Pending, etc) and which Agent is dealing with the query.

Further to the right is a summary of the query's progress.

Site Navigation

On the left of the page, you will see a dropdown list of navigation icons, at the top of which is:



Other options include Contacts (name/email list), Solutions (help), Reports & Analytics, and Admin (list of Agents, etc).

All functions are straightforward. Our instance is the Free version of FreshDesk and is therefore quite basic - and easy to use.

Current Triage process (WIP):

  • New Query arrives and is picked up by Triage Team Agent - TTA. FreshDesk has therefore to be accessed regularly - at least once per day.
  • Content analysed and issue determined:
  1. Technical issue - TTA responds or passes to relevant technical team (Hub and Platforms, Website, Action Network, Hosting, etc - teams within Digital Circle).

  2. Un-Subscribe request - TTA requests Hub, Action Network and other database related Agents to search and remove requestor. When all database Agents have expedited the Un-Subscribe action, the GDPR team is notified. They may have initiated this request in the first place?

  3. Other - if issue not covered by above, Agent can ask for more info from Requestor and/or research within XR to find potential resolution. The TTA should, therefore, have a reasonable working knowledge of the XR organisation, both UK and Global - or know who to ask!

  4. Reply - this is important to maintain Requestor confidence during the processing.

  • Notes - used within Ticket thread for TTA to pass requests on to other Agents and to receive responses. The Notes thread acts as an audit trail defining how the request is handled. If any TTAs go down a path likely to be repeated, or answer a question likely to be asked again, then they should contribute to more notes for other TTAs (destination for note / knowledge base yet to be determined) or they update info (FAQs?) on Rebel Toolkit if the information can be shared publicly.

  • Request Status - this is edited by the TTA as the query is processed, from Open to Pending to Resolved and finally Closed. Although Agents other than the TTA have access to editing this Request Status, it is important that only the TTA handles the passage from Open to Closed.