Meeting Links - back up advice ...

Usually, you will find useful information, like zoom meeting URLs and meeting agenda links, in the Header of your Hub Group's Mattermost channel. But, what to do if the Mattermost Server goes down - just before your meeting starts? Your channel, and it's Header, containing the meeting link, etc, won't be available, so, here are some useful tips:

  1. Save the relevant links as Bookmarks in your Browser - you will then be able to retrieve them from the Bookmarks Tab;

  2. You could also create a Bookmarks Folder called, say, Meeting and Agenda links using the Bookmarks Manager. In this, you can save the zoom and meeting agenda URLs that are associated with your Hub Group. The image below shows the 4 steps:

    a. Click on the zoom meeting link you use to connect with your meeting and open the associated Zoom Dialogue Page;

    b) Now drag this page's URL padlock to the Folder Icon called "Other Bookmarks" - Note that the Padlock changes to the Page Title, in this case "Post Attendee - Zoom";

    c) When you reach the Other Bookmarks Icon, a Drop-Down menu of Bookmark Folders will appear - drag the "Post Attendee - Zoom" down to the appropriate Folder, in this case "Zoom Meetings", and un-click your Mouse/Pointer - the Meeting Link is now saved;

    d) When you wish to open a zoom meeting, click on the Other Bookmarks Icon, open the Zoom Meetings Folder and click on your Meeting Link to open the Zoom Dialogue Page.


  1. Another option would be to add a New Topic to the Hub Group's UK Forum, which would list any meeting and agenda links. If this topic is Pinned, then it will appear at/near the top of the topic list, so will be readily visible.

  2. You should also add the Meeting URL to the Default text of your Agenda-Minutes document, in your Hub Group's UK Cloud Folder. Each time you generate a new Agenda-Minutes document, the Meeting URL will be available.

  3. Save your Hub Group's meeting info - time/day/URL - in a short Text Document in your Hub Group's UK CLoud Folder. Give the document an appropriate name, and invite other members to add further meeting links.

  4. The Calendar function, on UK Cloud, which reminds you f when meetings are to be held, can also include details like zoom link, etc. When setting up your Hub Group's Calendar, be sure to share it with the Hub Group.


  1. For Group Admins, it's possible to add your group's Zoom Meeting Link URL to your Hub Group's Contact Info, which is displayed on the Hub Group Page. Additionally, you can add a link for your group's Meeting Agenda/Minutes for Members Only when members select the Hub Group from the My XR Groups option from the Hub Landing Page. Note that you may want to use the Markdown Format for these hyperlinks, as shown below:

XR-Llani_Add_Meeting_Link_08Aug.jpg Note also that for a zoom meeting, you may need to organise a Waiting Room function, which will enable the Zoom Meeting Host to review participants on entry.

Getting the message across

Don't forget that with any meeting link back up(s) that may be implemented, for your Hub Group, the advice on where to find these links must be known to your members, either documented or part of your group's on-boarding and training.